Safe & Green Campaign History

The Safe & Green Campaign was founded in 2006 in an urgent, grassroots, people powered effort to shut down Entergy’s Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor in Vernon, Vermont, on the Connecticut River a few miles from Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We connected citizens in the 50 towns within 20 miles of Vermont Yankee in an outreach campaign that included public education and organizing for direct action. As the people most at risk from being harmed by the aged, leaky nuclear reactor, we had a right to determine our energy future and had the unique responsibility to make our voices be heard by our neighbors, the media, and our elected officials. 

In 2011, Safe & Green Campaign became a founding member of the SAGE Alliance, a coalition to work together to close Vermont Yankee. The Alliance included citizens and groups that had been opposing Yankee and nuclear power since Yankee’s construction in 1972. Together, we ramped up our public education, citizen organizing, and actions.

By 2014, we were successful. Entergy shut down Vermont Yankee. The State of Vermont created the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel, which continues to operate today.

Mission accomplished, members of the Safe & Green Campaign have since moved on. We are board members of CAN (an anti-nuclear citizens group serving the greater Northeast region), and are active in local and regional groups working on climate change and other challenges stemming from the election of Trump and rise of the radical right.

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