Press Tour of VY

On October 17, NorthStar hosted a press tour of Vermont Yankee. Only local press reports followed. Everything’s hunky dory. NorthStar must be feeling gleeful, anticipating the windfall from the leftovers in the decommissioning trust fund that will flow into their hands. We paid into that fund … here’s to just another ‘screw you, consumer’ corporate experience.

Decommissiong Test: NorthStar Uses VY as Launchpad (VPR) 10.26.19

Unbuilding a Nuclear Power Plant, by Olga Peters for the Commons 10.23.19

NorthStar: VY Demolition Ahead of Schedule, by Susan Smalheer for the Reformer 10.18.19

State: Yankee Site Shows Little Contamination, by Susan Smalheer for the Reformer 10.17.19

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