April 6: New PSB Public Hearing Date

Vermont regulators want to hear what we think about Entergy selling VT Yankee to a new decommissioning company. It sounds good on the surface – the nuke would be taken down over the next dozen years – but the devil is in the details. The new company figures it can make a profit. We don’t want them cutting corners to meet a budget, leaving a mess for future generations to clean up.
The new Public Hearing date is April 6th. An informational presentation by the Dept. of Public Service will be held at 6:00pm. The Public Service Board will begin hearing the people speak at 7:00pm.
The hearing will be at Vernon Elementary School, on Governor Hunt Road (across the street from Vermont Yankee) in Vernon, VT.

For details go to our Decommissioning Resources page and our news post here.

Public Service Board notice: http://psb.vermont.gov/event/8880-rescheduled-public-hearing

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