Juggling 3 Reactors

The NRC says there is nothing to worry about: Entergy’s finances are just jim dandy.

But the State of Vermont disagrees, and Green Mtn. Power recently joined the state’s campaign to see that decommissioning trust funds (DTF) are used for only for decommissioning. Entergy recent withdrawal of DTF included $1.5 million for property taxes to the Town of Vernon. Mike Fahr of VtDigger covers the issue here.

“Especially in light of Entergy’s recent announcements regarding the upcoming closure of the Pilgrim and FitzPatrick nuclear plants, the NRC needs to start taking these matters more seriously and provide a comprehensive and participatory process for reviewing requests to use decommissioning funds.” Chris Recchia, Public Service Dept.

Chris Campany of the Windham Regional Commission also worries about Entergy’s use of DTF, in this article on “Entergy Juggling Multiple Shutdowns” 11.05.15

“I worry that Entergy and the NRC are operating under assumptions that perhaps make the decommissioning trust numbers work in favor of a desirable answer. I hope I’m wrong”

The day after Entergy announced its plan to close the Pilgrim reactor, Power magazine published this article: Is Entergy Moving Out of Nukes?

And as Chris Recchia, Commissioner of VT Dept. of Public Service pointed out 11.05.15:

“The closure announcements are interesting taken collectively,” Recchia said. “If nuclear is not economically competitive in New England, where electricity prices are high and where gas is constrained, where can it be profitable?”



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