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Dear Friends of Safe & Green,

 No wonder Entergy is holding tight to Yankee’s decommissioning purse strings, raiding the cookie jar, and refusing to report any withdrawals. Today’s Boston Globe said Entergy’s “stock price has plummeted by nearly 30% this year.” The headline reads, “Pilgrim nuclear plant says it may shut down.” Pilgrim & 2 other Entergy reactors (in Arkansas) are at the very bottom of the NRC’s worst-performing reactors in the US — just one step above being shut down. Palisades had a scram a few days ago. Entergy announced it will decide by December whether to shut down Fitzpatrick. Read more with links and commentary on our post here.


9/18 Tomorrow: Climate Rally at the NH Democratic Convention. Veterans Memorial Park, 737 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101 8am-1pm.

Sept. 24 Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel Meeting. On the NDCAP Agenda at 6:50pm “Emergency Response During SAFSTOR and Decon” with presentations & Q&A by staff from VT Division of Emergency Management/Homeland Security and the Dept. of Health. Following that will be a proposed process by which NDCAP will advise the state, and potential advisory topics. (VtDigger covered the meeting of the Advisory Opinion Subcommittee; we attended, and it’s a good summary). The NDCAP meeting is open to the public and there is time for public comment after each of the above items. Thursday 9/24, 6-9pm, Brattleboro Area Middle School, 109 Sunny Acres, Brattleboro (first right before the high school building).

Our friends at the New England Coalition have a big week coming up. Contact Carol Levin, for details.

Sept. 23 Brattleboro Community Decomm. meeting, 6:30-8:30pm. Brattleboro Coop

Sept. 25 – Nuclear Film Festival at the Sunnyside Solar Store, 499 Marlboro Road, West Brattleboro – by donation to benefit NEC. Starts at 10am, runs all day, come to any or all of the films.

Sept. 26 – 44th Annual Meeting, Strolling of the Heifers River Garden, Main Street, Brattleboro. No cost, open to all. 4pm social, 5pm business meeting, 6pm Guest Speak Gordon Edwards of Montreal, President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.


Safe & Green’s Bob Bady authored a letter thanking the Commons for their recent article on the real estate market in Windham County. The county saw a rise in sales this year. Brattleboro has taken a dip but realtors say many factors, not just VY’s closure, are in play. Bob noted that a prior gloom-and-doom OpEd by pro-nukers in the Commons “appeared in several different national publications, [was] an effort to say, ‘If a nuke closes in Illinois or Massachusetts, you’ll slide into the economic hell hole that Brattleboro has become.’ ” This week, the Commons and VtDigger carried a story entitled VT Yankee begins the long journey to ‘cold and dark.’

What About the Waste?

Entergy has applied to the Public Service Board of Vermont for a permit to build a second storage pad to hold additional dry casks to store 900+ tons of radioactive waste from the fuel pool. This second pad will be on top of an area that needs to be decontaminated – not covered up! The Windham Regional Commission has asked that an alternative location be found for the pad. You can read Windham Regional’s letter, “The Long View on a Near-Term Solution for Nuclear Waste” which explains their thinking. (A link to their filing to the PSB is at the bottom.) “Entergy assumes that the spent fuel will be picked up by 2052 …” by the Dept. of Energy, before the reactor and other buildings on site will be dismantled. What if no federal or interim waste facility is built or makes it through the regulatory process? We’ve watched the Yucca Mountain circus unfold for decades. If the casks are still there, decommissioning can’t happen.

Meanwhile, as one activist quipped, “The ostrich sticks its head in the sand.” The NRC has cancelled a radiation safety study and the NRC may change its public health radiation standards from the proven no safe dose (LTN) to the favorite theory of the pro-nuclear industry, hormesis: “a little radiation is good for you.”  Congressman Peter Welch gets down hammered the NRC on states’ rights, the decommissioning fund, and SAFSTOR. Read more with links and video on our post here.


 Safe & Green is supporting the fight against the KM pipeline proposed for Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Richie Davis, who covered Yankee issues for decades, is on the beat and a collection of articles in the Greenfield Recorder are here. Here’s what Safe & Green’s Ann Darling wrote after last week’s “Tell the FERC” meeting:

“It was not surprising to me that there are many parallels between the nuclear industry and its captive regulator and pipelines/FERC, but it was spooky and uncanny nonetheless. One person spoke about the parallels — we’ve fought with a big corporation and with the feds over nuclear for decades. We don’t trust them, and why should we trust TGP and Kinder Morgan and FERC? etc.

This is definitely the same battle we’ve been fighting but on a different front, with somewhat different content — it’s about democracy and local control and how we create and distribute energy without fouling our nest.

Keep the hydrocarbons in the ground, damn it!”

9/18 Tomorrow: Climate Rally at the NH Democratic Convention. Veterans Memorial Park, 737 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101 8am-1pm. A family-friendly march and rally at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention to show Presidential candidates the climate movement wants actions, not words. Rally and join us in fight against local pipeline fights too. It’s happening right here, our home. Stop the Kinder Morgan “Northeast Export Direct” (NED), the Stop Spectra Pipeline and Stop the Constitution Pipeline.

 Two pipeline resources include Climate Action Now, a western Mass group working on the Kinder Morgan pipeline and Northfield compressor station. and Mass Power Forward, a coalition of groups in eastern Mass., including Pilgrim Coalition and others against Spectra pipeline and compressor station in Weymouth MA (5 miles south of Boston, 25 miles of Pilgrim in Plymouth). Both post local actions, hearings, news, petitions and more.

Congratulations to Diane Turco and Cape Downwinders for making progress with MA Gov. Baker! Last Wednesday, Baker told reporters Pilgrim is safe. “Last Thursday, Ms. Turco and other members of Cape Downwinders traveled to the state house in Boston where they delivered a letter to … Gov. Baker [who] reversed his position and said he was concerned about the safety of Pilgrim Nuclear.” He wrote a letter of his own to Entergy. To learn more about Pilgrim, watch “East Meets West,” a panel hosted by CAN with speakers from Pilgrim, CAN and NIRS.  The video is here:

Finally, 25 years after the Clamshell protests at Seabrook closed one of two proposed reactors, city council members want the remaining reactor to shut down. Concrete is crumbling. They are “profoundly disturbed by the NRC’s oversight” of the plant and pointed to what they termed “their track record of making extremely high-risk decisions” rather than taking a precautionary approach to public safety.’

Safe & Green’s steering committee meets the first Monday of the month at 5:30. We start with a social pot luck and wind up around 8pm. We welcome new members. Email Leslie at if you are interested in attending our October meeting.

Peace and Solidarity,

Leslie Sullivan Sachs

For the Safe & Green Campaign




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