Fukushima 2015

In 2011, we watched in horror as triple disasters unfolded in Japan.  We learned that at Fukushima Dai’ichi were Mark 1 GE BWR  reactors  — the same age,make and model as VT Yankee. We watched explosions in reactors that looked just like our’s. Eventually, we learned of evacuations. One week later, the NRC approved the license extension Vermont Yankee for another 20 years, clearly against the will of the people and government of Vermont. Last week, the NRC approved an exemption from emergency planning and evacuation, again clearly against the will of the people and government of Vermont. Even though Yankee is closed, evacuation could still be our fate — and we’ll be on our own.

Ann Darling, Safe & Green Campaign: Fukushima, 4 Years Later (3.11.15 The Commons)

Below are updates on Fukushima from sources we trust.

Beyond Nuclear: “Fukushima 4 Years Later” What’s new, what happened, what are the health implications if it happened here?  Thunderbird_Beyond Nuclear_March 2015  (6 page PDF, 03.10.15).

SimplyInfo 2015 annual report, by topic. 2015 was posted March 10, 2015. In addition, the website is a useful source for government and TEPCO reports, monitoring results, news and other information by topic.  http://www.fukuleaks.org/web/

The Guardian: “Nuclear power and humans cannot coexist” Fukushima 4 Years On Video (03.10.15)

Fairewinds Energy Education posted an interview with Chiho Kaneko upon her most recent visit to Japan. It has also posted a timeline with its reports on Fukushima from March-June, 2011. Arnie Gundersen writes in The Ecologist 03.11.15, Fukushima: An Unnatural Disaster that must never be repeated.

Kendra Ulrich is a Global Energy Campaigner at Greenpeace Japan. She was an organizer for Safe & Green from 2009-2012. A Lesson From Fukushima 03.11.15

Harvey Wasserman, author of Solartopia: 4th Anniversary Brings Hope as Renewable Energy Revolution Soars

2011 vigil bannerTowns

Radioactive Fukushima (Reuters)

Iitate: adopted by Putney in 2013

A nurse from Namie took photos of Iitate villagers for six months before the disaster. It is now a photo exhibit so people realize how much has been lost.

Evacuees remain uprooted  The Guardian 09.11.2014

Tomioka: The Fourth Winter of Fukushima

Kawauchi: Sister city to Greenfield. Home of Chikako Nishiyama who visited in fall of 2013 Kawauchi has been chosen to house contaminated waste. Currently, 43 million tons of plastic garbage bags full of dirt and vegetation cover Kawauchi. http://nuclear-news.net/2014/11/10/fukushima-japan-has-chosen-to-incinerate-tons-of-radioactive-waste/

Futaba & Okuma: Host towns to Fai’ichi reactors. TEPCO plans to incinerate contaminated waste in Futuba and Okuma. http://nuclear-news.net/2014/11/10/fukushima-japan-has-chosen-to-incinerate-tons-of-radioactive-waste/ 

Namie: adopted by Brattleboro in 2013

UCLA researchers photograph, map, video and interviews of recovery in Name and surrounding area (March 5, 2015)

Fukushima evacuee collects memories of those who will never return

Namie protests Tokyo Olympics 2020 decision

Fukushima ghost town struggles (The Guardian)

Namie cattle rancher, defying government, saves Fukushima’s radioactive cows.

Radiation destroys mountain culture of wild foraging and mushrooms cultivation

Remember and Reflect

CANCELLED — 90% chance of sleet & freezing rain. Fukushima 4 Years and Counting. Walk, Vigil & Learn on Saturday March 14, 2015. Solidarity with Fukushima: VT YankFukushima Year 4ee actions in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. Essays by local safe energy advocates from Safe & Green, CAN, New England Coalition March 16, 2011. The NRC had just approved extending VT Yankee’s license to operate by 20 years, one week after the meltdowns of three similar reactors began in Japan.

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