We Are Stakeholders

Tonight may be our last chance to look the NRC staff in the eye and tell them what we think of Entergy & the NRC’s nuclear regulations. So come on over at 6pm to the Quality Inn in Brattleboro Putney Road, Route 5 north from I-91, within spitting distance of the Old Ferry Road Energy “HQ”.
We are STAKEHOLDERS in decommissioning VY.  On Tuesday, twenty of us had excellent info sharing and brain storming on tonight’s meeting, in addition to “hearing” from Arnie Gundersen & Chris Williams on video. Bouncing off the words of an NRC staffer who said SAFSTOR or immediate DECON were a decision made between Entergy and “stakeholders”, we decided to identify ourselves tonight as Stakeholders. We’ll have name badges saying STAKEHOLDER for those who want to wear them, and when it’s your turn to talk you can introduce yourself as a Stakeholder.
I searched for Stakeholder in the NRC Glossary – doesn’t appear. But the NRC and other government agencies use the term Stakeholders liberally. We do fit the definition in a business dictionary, which also notes that “Not all stakeholders are equal.” No surprise there. But in 40 years, they don’t pay much attention to Citizens; perhaps they will to Stakeholders. It’s so close to “Shareholders,” who certainly garner attention.
Latest press on decomm & the NRC meeting:
— Brattleboro Reformer Feds Hold Last Public Meeting on VY

Events Coming up:
Lovejoy’s Nuclear War” film showing, a No-Pipeline fundraiser, will be held  Sunday, Feb. 22, 3-5:30 at the Arts Block  in Greenfield. We’re among the co-sponsors. Lionel Delevinge will also show photos, and local historian Ed Gregory has updated his booklet on Sam Lovejoy’s action, trail, and other events around the Montegue Plains successful fight to keep nukes out of the valley. 

EVACUATION PLANS are on the Agenda for the next Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel, February 26 (6pm at Marlboro Graduate Center in Brattleboro). The new chair, Kate O’Connor, a citizen rep from Brattleboro, also put on the Agenda how the panel will move forward in the future. So far NDCAP has been as inactive and ineffective between meetings as VSNAP was; this is an opportunity to see if NDCAP and citizen participation can become meaningful.

March 14, Saturday: 4 years of nuclear disaster. Four Years. we will honor the victims of Fukushima — people, Pacific, mammal, aquatic, land and air — with a walk, vigil and program. Save the date — more to come.


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