A Homer Simpson Kinda Birthday

43 years ago today, in 1972, Vermont Yankee received its license to operate from the NRC. 3 years ago today, the NRC extended their safety approval for another 20 years, til 2032.
Today, the public learned for the first time that “A Vermont Yankee employee reported in November that security management ‘detonated a suspicious item’ that resembled a pipe bomb inside the nuclear power plant compound.” The worker called the police, who came & recommended that the bomb squad be brought in. “Against the advice of the police, Entergy employees duct taped a piece of string to the pipe, stood back and pulled the string to see if it ‘went off,’ according to the report.” No big bang. Turned out it was a discarded well pipe.

This sure seems like the kind of thing we’d watch on The Simpsons. except this is a real nuclear reactor with real workers – one who blew the whistle, a few who played a dangerous game.  Read the story on Vt.Digger.com


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