Entergy: Not Walking Its Talk

While before state regulators, Energy lawyers promise its days of ‘misspeaking’ and cover ups are ancient history, and vows the state can trust it. But Entergy is acting like the profit-driven corporation that it is, behind the scenes avoiding putting money into a doomed operation. Entergy seems to have lost sight of the fact that what Yankee produces is not harmless widgets but radioactive waste, and one accident could devastate the region.

There is still a little time left to tell the Public Service Board whether you think Entergy has earned our trust.

The NRC doesn’t seem to trust Entergy. It reported that even though Entergy has said it will shut down the reactor, it is under “no legal obligation” to do so, and so the NRC “has asked Entergy for additional information before granting its request that it be exempted from costly studies and safety improvements. ”  In an audit conducted by the NRC, Entergy did not perform a visual inspection of flood prevention measures, had faulty record keeping, and made miscalculations in its flood assessment.

This matters because in 2013, missing flood seals allowed 2 feet of water to seep into the conduit below the switchgear room, which are centers for electrical cables going from the control room to other parts of the reactor.  Two additional water infiltration areas were found later. According to an NRC event notification report, “internal flooding of both Switchgear Rooms could affect (a.) safe shutdown, (b.) removal of decay heat, (c.) control of release of radioactive material and (d.) mitigating an accident.” ENVY avoided responsibility by blaming a contractor for not fixing the seals.

Meanwhile, Entergy’s finances continue to tumble. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Excluding write-downs and other expenses related to the planned closure of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant and other items, adjusted earnings fell to $1 from $1.72.




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