Voices before the PSB

Forty citizens testified to the PSB Tuesday night on Vt Yankee’s future and we’ve posted a lot here to inform and inspire you. Now its your turn. If you missed the hearing, go ahead and write comments and then mail or email them to the Public Service Board. Those of us who spoke only had two minutes to do so but go on and write as much as you need to.  The PSB has an online comment form here specifically for this case. If you fax (802) 828-3351 or Email psb.clerk@state.vt.us or Mail a letter — put Docket 7862 on it.

Clerk of the Board
Vermont Public Service Board
112 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05620-2701

We’ve compiled public comments into a synopsis, here. A few highlights:

The briefest testimony came from David Bradshaw of Lyndonville. “To permit Vermont Yankee to operate is like allowing a drunk to drive after his license has expired.”

“Let’s face the facts,” said Dick Brigham of Cuttingsville. “The easier that the Public Service Board is on Entergy, the more that Vermonters will have to pay. Vermonters will be shish-kabobbed.”

“You, the Public Service Board of Vermont, are just about all we have left to make sure that our interests are protected in the process of operating and decommissioning Vermont Yankee. I don’t know what your legal limits are …. But this is not an exercise in legal abstractions. This has to do with our lives and our communities.

“Do not let Entergy shift financial responsibility onto the backs of Vermont taxpayers. Do not allow Entergy to leave behind a sacrifice zone, permanently contaminated by corporate malfeasance.”

“Send Entergy back to Louisiana. Entergy’s persistent unscrupulousness is not the Vermont way.”

“We were assured the waste would be taken away every 5 years. We were made promises that have been broken every step of the way.”

“remember that the regulators in Russia and Japan did not care for their land and loved ones any less than you do.”

“it is shameful and a sad testament to our current political framework when a multi-billion dollar corporation can so easily dictate the terms of negotiations. This should not be a negotiation.” Entergy must be held to the highest standards possible, without compromise for public health and safety.

“When negotiations began, people hoped the result would be a fair and equitable agreement …with both parties committed to the same goals. This settlement does not achieve that. Critical to what is missing is deadlines that commit Entergy to doing what it says it will do.”

“Money exists to start prompt decommissioning after shutdown. So why wait? The $606 million in the decommissioning trust fund is not far from the $630 million Entergy once estimated it needed, and in a year it could be even closer. What might happen to the funds if the stock market crashes again.  The money is there now, let’s use it now.”

“The courts may be our only recourse with this rapacious corporation… Every additional minute VY runs, the fuel in its core creates more deadly Cesium 137, Strontium 90, Cobalt 60 and the other hundreds of radioactive products that future generations will have to contend with.  We know this.”

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