Still NO State Permit: Not in 2012 … Not in 2013 … 2014 ?

The closing of VT Yankee is on the region’s top ten news stories for 2013, and the new year begins with much fanfare about the state’s “grand bargain” with Entergy.  According to our handy website counter, it’s been 652 days that Yankee has run without a state permit so who knows when and if this deal with pan out.

The negotiations between the State and Entergy are being hailed as a model for the country, and Windham County is thrilled by the pennies from heaven over the next five years. But we are skeptical: Entergy has distracted decision makers from the real issues with money before, and has broken many a promise. One Safe & Green member’s opinions are published here:  The Commons: Spin vs. Substance 

Bye Bye VY CakeThe Public Service Board is kicking off the New Year with a status conference this Thursday, January 2 at 10am; perhaps we will get an insight into their frame of mind. One upside to the incessant delay: YOU can still comment to the PSB … even if you’ve written before, there’s plenty of new food for thought. Go here if you need some background on decommissioning and the state deal.

We have posted 2013’s photo album on our Facebook page (it is open to see by non-Facebook friends).  Click here for a narrative recap of our actions in 2013

The latest news articles and OpEds on VT Yankee are posted daily by our friend at  He provides an excellent service keeping up with the latest.  Thanks for your 652+ days of service!


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