NRC Collusion with Entergy; VSNAP & SAFSTOR

Two items for today: VSNAP and NRC corruption. US Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Edward Markey (D-MA) wrote to the NRC demanding answers to why the NRC capitulated to Entergy’s request that the NRC stay out of Entergy’s finances. In May, groups petitioned the NRC to shut down 4 Entergy reactors (including Yankee) due to their concerns that Entergy’s precarious finances would result in poor maintenance. This collusion between the NRC and Entergy is outrageous. Markey and Sanders warn that it is a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”policy which endangers public safety.

At a VSNAP meeting last night, Entergy reiterated that it will choose SAFSTOR (mothballing the reactor for up to 60 years) which allows it to leave the spent fuel in the fuel pool, and delays decommissioning. Entergy also said it may not take up to 60 years, but would delay at least ten years. It also took responsibility for lack of oversight of the seals reported on Nov. 8.According to the Rutland Herald, ‘Panel member Jim Matteau of Westminster maintained that Entergy’s decision to postpone decommissioning was a violation of public trust. The public had a clear understanding and expectation that Vermont Yankee, when it was shut down, would be cleaned up, Matteau said. He said that the company had a “moral commitment,” and shouldn’t retreat behind “legal parsing, it’s not just right.”’


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