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Our tradition has been to post links to relevant news items in addition to our own commentary and actions. We are now faced with an overabundance of riches. Entergy’s closure of Yankee, and activists’ role in its demise, are important news. We start with our own efforts, then we post links to selected external articles at the bottom.

Safe and Green Campaign met with media at Vermont Yankee headquarters, following Entergy’s press conference on August 27, 2013, with this statement:

It is indeed good news that Entergy is closing Vermont Yankee. If the reactor and the company are in such a dire financial position, we have many concerns. Safe and Green supports immediate shut down and prompt decommissioning of the reactor.

Does yesterday’s report of yet another radioactive spike mean there is something gravely wrong at the reactor that Entergy cannot fix?  Will the reactor be operated safely until the end of 2014, or will Entergy cut corners to save money? SafeStor is a frightening proposition for a corporation that is on such shaky ground financially. Will Entergy be around in 60 years to oversee final decommissioning? Can Entergy meet their financial obligations for decommissioning? Or will Vermont’s taxpayers be burdened with safeguarding tons of radioactive waste on the shore of the Connecticut River? What will happen to the Federal Appeals Court decision, which denies state legislatures their freedom of speech? Will the Public Service Board deny a Certificate of Public Good? The Safe and Green Campaign will continue to be vigilant in speaking out and demanding answers to the challenges that lie ahead on behalf of those of us who live in the shadow of Vermont Yankee.

Nancy Braus and Leo Schiff were successful in calling into VPR’s  Vermont Edition on Aug 27, which was dedicated to the topic of closure. We did an extensive interview in the BCTV studio for future use. Safe and Green members have been quoted in the NY Times, Hampshire GazetteKeene Sentinel, Valley News, Greenfield Recorder  WCAX   NECN (TV) and VT Public Radio.

Safe & Green members published:

Chad SimKing Kongmons “On Joy and Justice” OpEd  in the Commons 09/04/13.

Bob Bady What Killed the Beast?” in VtDigger 09/04/13, in the Keene Sentinel 09/05/13, and as an OpEd in the Sunday Rutland Herald / Times Argus  09/08/13

Here are a few of the many other news stories and OpEds covering the closure announcement.

ABC News “VT Yankee Fight Brewing on Dismatling Reactor” (with a unique description of how VT has changed in 40 years) and “Long Range Shut Down Creates Stir”

Amy Goodman in The Guardian “Just Say No to Nuclear Power, From Fukushima to Vermont”

Harvey Wasserman, TruthDig  “VT Yankee Joins the Tsunami of Nuclear Shut Downs”

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

*Unfortunately, many newspaper journalism websites have pay walls so the articles cannot be accessed beyond the day they are posted. The Greenfield Recorder had excellent coverage with a half-dozen articles Aug 27 and 28, which can be read for one-time use for $1.

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