5.23: NRC Open House ACTION ALERT

Wednesday May 23rd, 5:30-8:30pm, Brattleboro Union High School:  The NRC is coming to town to hold an “Open House” and “Public Meeting” about their GREEN LIGHT 2011 safety assessment of VT Yankee. Click here for the NRC’s PR and link to the report.

Take a look at our VY timeline for 2011 : tritium, strontium-90, radiated fish,  flipped switches, an “Oops!” evac siren, a busted cooling pump and more. All in a year that included an earthquake, flood, a tornado in the neighborhood, and Fukushima.

Let’s pack their open house, ask the hard questions about safety, and show them how the People’s NRC holds a public meeting. Safe & Green Campaign has a plan. Please, email us today safeandgreencampaign@gmail.com to get the details and take some action.

NOTE: The NRC says: “For the security of everyone attending this meeting, local law enforcement officers will be conducting searches of bags (briefcases, purses, backpacks, equipment cases, etc.) outside the entry into the meeting room. Additionally, signs, banners, posters and displays affixed to any sticks, poles, or other similar devices will not be permitted in the meeting room.”

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