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NRC Public Comment Deadline

The NRC has extended the deadline to comment on Entergy’s plan to stop supporting the 10-miles Emergency Planning Zone. On April 2016, Entergy wants to limit emergency planning to the footprint of the reactor site. But highly radioactive fuel will … Continue reading

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Emergency Planning Update

Recent News: 01.25.2016 Shumlin Zeros Out Yankee Emergency Funding (VtDigger) 12.11.2015 NRC Approves downsizing of EPZ (VtDigger) 05.20.15 State can’t have EPZ hearing (Brattleboro Reformer) 05.19.15  VY EPZ Closer to being eliminated (Rutland Herald) Background: Emergency planning in the evacuation … Continue reading

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Towns take action on EPZ

A town-by-town effort to speak out against Entergy’s plan to abandon the citizens and environment of the emergency planning zone has begun. Just over the Vermont border from Yankee,  Gill, MA selectboard have signed a letter opposing Entergy’s exemption requests … Continue reading

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Evacuation Drill a “Success”

Success? With 4,0000-6,000 evacuees expected in real life, “…about 15 “actors” — many of them off-duty Windham County deputy sheriffs — played the role of Vernon and Guilford residents” at an evac center where  they were registered by 14 Red … Continue reading

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Decomm. Panel Notes & Reflections

The second meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Community Advisory Panel was held on Thursday, October 30th. The meeting was held at Vernon Elementary School, the reactor’s closest neighbor, and surely its first victim should an accident occur. (This was not … Continue reading

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NRC Questions Entergy on EPZ Risks

Entergy wants to save some money by reducing the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) from 10-miles to its footprint of 148 acres when it stops producing power.  Two weeks after being granted a Certificate of Public Good, Entergy asked the NRC … Continue reading

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May 28: NRC Hearing Talking Points

NRC DOG & PONY SHOW May 28: aka Annual Assessment Meeting for Vermont Yankee. (6:30-8:30, BUHS, directions below). According to the Brattleboro Reformer (5.20.14) “The meeting will include a brief presentation on the decommissioning process followed by a formal question-and-answer … Continue reading

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No more evacuation planning?

Emergency planning has always been weak in the evacuation planning zone (EPZ). Soon it could be non-existent. Entergy wants to be exempted from evac zone planning beyond its borders as of April 2016. Brattleboro Reformer PLEASE GO TO OUR ACTION … Continue reading

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Voices of Fukushia 2014

An anniversary marks a one-day event – the birth of our nation on July 4th, for instance. March 11th is the one day two natural disasters struck Japan. In 2011, an earthquake followed by a tsunami devastated the coast, displacing … Continue reading

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VSNAP Meeting

Comment from Safe & Green: (1) The format of the meeting has changed. Instead of waiting until the end of the meeting to comment on all agenda items, the public will have comment time at the end of each agenda … Continue reading

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