Banners Educate Leaf Peepers & Locals

Vocal Chordz, Putney

Almost two hundred miles of highway bridges, from Northampton in Massachusetts to Burlington, Vermont were festooned with no nuke banners over the October holiday weekend. Leaf peepers and locals alike were greeted by affinity groups on 22 bridges, heading north on Friday and south on Monday, and thousands honked or gave two thumbs up in agreement. Locals paused in their walks across some bridges to engag in long, friendly conversations with those holding the banners. Almost everybody made positive reports.  There were some zealous MA high department workers who insisted people leave the bridges, and those in both states who attached the banners to the bridges were politely asked to hold them instead. Even those who were hassled look forward to doing it again!  Click here for photos and a list of bridges, affinity groups and messages.

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