2018 Timeline

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  • As 2018 begins, it is dominated by issues related to the proposed sale of Vermont Yankee by Entergy to NorthStar. NorthStar’s team to decommission Yankee includes Areva, Waste Control Specialists, and an engineering firm. Please open the Decommissioning Resources page and scroll down for links to all related articles.


    Just before a month which was to be full of evidentiary hearings and a public hearing, it is announced that negotiations are going on behind closed doors among Entergy, NorthStar, the State, and perhaps other parties. Everything is put on hold.

    Waste Control Specialists is sold to JD Lehman, the same private equity firm that bought NorthStar. Scott State, CEO of NorthStar, is also made CEO of the new Waste Control Specialists. Within a few weeks, Waste Control Specialists revives its application to the NRC to build an interim radioactive waste disposal site in Texas.


    PUC allows Arnie Gundersen and Ray Shadis to testify in Docket 8880. Entergy and NorthStar had requesed that they not be allowed to testify.


    03.02.18 Negotiations conclude. A settlement agreement and memorandum of understanding are submitted to PUC and made public. The agreement is signed by all the intervenors in the sale docket, except the Conservation Law Foundation. Our post is here.