2016 Timeline

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    • State Attorneys General of MA, NH & CT join VT in petitioning NRC for “robust” review of Entergy use of the decommissioning trust fund [01.05.2016 VtDigger]
    • Decomm Trust Fund drops by 10% [ 01.28.16 Rutland Herald]
    • Gov. Shumlin zeros budget for Radiological Emergency Response Program [01.25.16 VtDigger]
    • 90,000 gallons of radiated tritium are found in the groundwater near turbine building. [VtDigger 02.03.16]
    • NRC okays PSDAR [Burlington Free Press 02.04.2016]
    • Entergy agrees to sell Vermont Yankee and its decommissioning fund to NorthStar Group Services [VtDigger, 11.08.16] NorthStar, a demolition firm, is partnering with AREVA (“reactor work and spent fuel management support at Yankee”), Waste Control Specialists (“packaging and shipment of radioactive waste)”, and Burns & McDonnell (“engineering and regulatory support”).