2006 Timeline

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    • Entergy files for twenty year license extension with the NRC. (January ’06).
    • Vermont’s Public Service Board sets conditions on uprates: (1) Entergy must pay $20 million into a state renewable energy fund to create an economic benefit; (2) an Independent Engineering Assessment must be undertaken. (March ’06).
    • Cracks are discovered during a refueling outage. (April ’06).
    • 500 citizens attend a public hearing held by the NRC on the uprate. (May ’06).
    • Vermont’s Act 160 passes, determining that the Public Service Board must “obtain the approval of the general assembly legislature approval” before approving a Certificate of Public Good for licensing or re-licensing of power plants. (May ’06).
    • “Hot” shipment that left VY four times more radioactive than allowable federal limits (August ’06).