2004 Timeline

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    • Radioactive fuel rods “lost” for 3 months (April – July ’04), prompting searches by Entergy, General Electric, and the NRC, under pressure by Vermont’s Congressional delegation. Search sites included low level radioactive waste sites in South Carolina and the state of Washington. The lost rods were found in the fuel pool at Yankee; poor documentation was blamed.
    •  16 more “hairline” cracks were discovered in the steam dryer during refueling, in addition to 4 cracks identified previously (May ’04).
    • A FireTwo-story-high fire in transformer building (June 18 ’04). Flames shot 30 feet in the air. The reactor automatically shut down.  Some emergency systems failed to work, often due to operator error, resulting in delayed notification to emergency workers and the state.
    • Entergy was sanctioned with $85,000 in fines after failing to report to the VT Public Service Board the construction of two new “temporary” buildings on site.
    • The Vermont Yankee nuclear plant failed to heed warnings from two nuclear industry groups about conditions that led to a major fire around the plant’s transformer in June, documents show. One of those warnings – relating to the first in a sequence of events that led to the fire – was issued by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, an industry research group, 14 years ago. ” (Rutland Herald, 09/14/2004)