Safe & Green Alternatives to Nuclear Power

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  • Get involved in your community’s efforts to go green. Learn how to clean up your own act and live sustainably. Below are a few ways folks living in Vermont Yankee’s evacuation zone can get started. Please contact us with suggestions for this page.

    03.16.15 “Windham Solid Waste District is moving ahead with what could eventually be the largest solar power project in the state….a 5 megawatt solar project over the capped landfill at the district headquarters off of Old Ferry Road… The solar panels will be installed on top of the capped landfill that WSWMD operated from 1982 to 1995.” This is down the road from Entergy’s office location on Old Ferry Road. Read more: Brattleboro Reformer 03.16.15


    Transition Towns US‘ [searchable list] often include sustainable energy as a key mission.

    Institute for Energy and Environmental Research works to replace nuclear power with efficiency and renewables, in a context of environmental and economic justice. Arjun Makhijani, President of IEER, is the author of “Carbon Free and Nuclear Free: A Road Map for US Energy Policy” (2007).


    State Wide: The Public Service Department (PSD) is undertaking a Total Energy Study (TES) to identify the most promising policy and technology pathways to employ in order to reach Vermont’s energy and greenhouse gas goals. Vermont also has a Comprehensive Energy Plan (2011).

    Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network A network of town energy committees “helping communities across the Green Mountain State to reduce energy costs and climate impacts through conservation, increased energy efficiency and conversion to renewable energy sources.” Find your town’s energy committee, attend events, get involved.

    Efficiency Vermont “helps all Vermonters to reduce energy costs, strengthen the local economy, and protect the environment by making homes and businesses energy efficient. Efficiency Vermont provides technical assistance, rebates, and other financial incentives…” Sign up for their blog and follow the news.

    Renewable Energy Vermont “non-profit, non-partisan renewable energy trade association working to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and expanding the availability of renewable sources of energy throughout the state and region.” Find local businesses here.


    Windham Regional Commission Energy Committee “helps towns reduce both the financial and the environmental impacts of energy use, as a way to increase both town and regional resilience.”

    NEW! Solarize Windham is a grassroots phenomenon to help homeowners and small businesses overcome the financial and logistical barriers to installing solar energy.” Projects include bulk buying for home and business arrays, and community solar farms.

    Sustainable Energy Outreach Group Based in Brattleboro, SEON is a network that “works to advance the professional development of energy professionals in the region as well as the energy literacy of our citizenry.”

    Brattleboro Home Energy Challenge “a community-based effort empowering neighbors to help neighbors save energy in their homes.” with links to other town energy challenges in the region.New in town: Sunnyside Solar Store, 499 Marlboro Road, Brattleboro. Richard Gottlieb and Carol Levin ran Sunnyside Solar for over thirty years in Guilford. Carol carries on in the new location next to the Chelsea Royal Diner.


    Northeast Sustainable Energy Assoc. Based in Greenfield, since 1974 NESEA is an active “membership organization promoting sustainable energy practices in the built environment.”

    Greening Greenfield is a very active, solutions-oriented “group of concerned citizens working with residents, businesses and town government to make Greenfield, MA a more sustainable and vibrant place to live.”

    Solar Store of Greenfield Safe & Green allies Claire Chang and John Ward “stock and install a wide variety of solar and environmentally friendly technologies” (plus Safe & Green tee shirts and lawn signs :o)

    Pioneer Valley Local First Think Local First…. Buy and Bank Local First.”

    Mass. Clean Energy Center “dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy technologies, companies and projects in Massachusetts—while creating high-quality jobs and long-term economic growth for the people of Massachusetts.” Search by your zip code for energy efficiency resources in your area

    New Hampshire

    Keene Transition Town Relocalizaton A weblog “For Local Folks Facing Up To Peak Oil, Climate Change, And A Dysfunctional Global Economy With Creativity, Courage, and a Positive Vision”

    NH Local Energy Solutions “resources that promote local energy solutions in New Hampshire… to empower those on energy committees, in municipalities and schools to tackle the complexities of reducing our reliance on fossil fuel energy.”

    NH Sustainable Energy Assoc. educating “citizens and organizations about sustainable energy and to advocate in NH for favorable sustainable energy policies.”

    Green Energy Options, Keene, NH

    Energy Emporium NH  Enfield, NH

    Resources for Kids

    Kids & adults: check out these three videos on the pros & cons of nuclear power from Kurzgesagt (“We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.”) We found a lot of pro-nuclear material for kids on line & in schools. Please let us know if you have found alternatives!

    Thanks to one of our younger members for these submissions:

    Petit Fashion: Ultimate Guide to Sustainability for Kids

    UK Guide to Recycling Electronic Waste

    Vocal Chordz no car