The reactor’s time is up

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  • To the editor of the Brattleboro Reformer:

    April 2011

    I was instantly curious as to what public relations arm of the nuclear industry created the story behind the story printed on April 6, “Analyst: No VY Shutdown.”  While we won’t ever see the contract between Entergy and the financial consultant firm Jefferies, we can be certain that this is yet another ploy of the industry to confuse people about the law and our rights. This financial analysis firm can see into the future no better than our local anti-nuclear groups, much less our state’s officials.

    Corporations can always find friendly consultants to find a way to spin their message into a wise-sounding voice, and are very skilled at making their reports sound like news. One year ago, Entergy paid a law firm friendly to utilities to release a report that Entergy was not at fault in lying about underground piping beneath Vermont Yankee reactor.

    While we will encounter corporate bumps all along the way, we will close Vermont Yankee on or before March 21, 2012. The state law is clear, and our officials have spoken out many times about the expectation that Entergy will follow the law.

    Since the disastrous failures of the GE Mark 1 Boiling Water Reactors in Japan, Vermonters are more determined to insure that this plant closes and that our spent fuel pool is moved to safer dry casks. Corporate spin will not deter us from keeping Entergy on track to follow their obligations.  While it is possible that Entergy did not do their homework regarding our state before purchasing Vermont Yankee, they chose to operate under the rules set out in Vermont.  They have made lots of profits here. Now the reactor’s time is up, and our citizens will insure that closure occurs in a timely and safe manner.

    Nancy Braus
    Putney, VT