US Decommissioned Reactors

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     From 1962 to 1998, all single unit reactors in the US went into DECON – not SAFSTOR.

    No single units closed between 1998 and 2012.

    The only single unit reactors to go into SAFSTOR to date are Kewaunee and Vermont Yankee, which closed in 2013 and 2104.

    •  8 single-reactor sites went to DECON, not SAFSTOR, and decommissioning is now complete: Connecticut Yankee, Maine Yankee, Yankee Rowe, Big Rock, Shoreham, Shippingport, Saxton, Rancho Seco.
    • 3 sites are still in DECON (Zion, Humbolt Bay, LaCrosse).
    • San Onofre has 3 units, all are now closed (as of 2014). It is in SAFSTOR.
    • Before now, all the reactors currently in SAFSTOR shared the site with operating reactors or other generating plants. On multi-unit sites it makes economic and environmental sense to decommission multi-units all at once, when they are all closed.


    Single unit fully decommissioned site are used either

    • natural parks / conservation areas
    • for other energy production
    • undecided to date, or undeveloped


    Big Rock Point, MI      Operated 1962-97. DECON 1993-2003. 8 dry casks ISFSI (bought by Entergy). 180 acre state park.


    Conn. Yankee             Operated 1966-1996. DECON 1998-2007. 525 acres left w/5 acre ISFSI, 43 casks


    Maine Yankee            1973-1996 on 740 acres. DECON complete 2005. Now 180 acres w/11 acre ISFSI, 64 casks. 200 acres donated to Chewonki for conservation as settlement with FERC; 430 acres sold to a developer.


    Rancho Seco, CA        1975-1989. DECON complete 2009. 11 acre ISFSI. 2,100 acres. 160 acre nature preserve. Solar & gas fired power plant went on-line 2006, released for unrestricted use 2009.


    Yankee Rowe, MA      1961- 1992. DECON complete 2007. 2 acre ISFSI, 16 dry casks on pad. 2,000 acres total unrestricted use.


    Shippingport, PA        1957-1982. DECON complete 1982. Now site of Beaver Valley nuclear reactor (1,000 acres).


    Shoreham, NY            Completed 1984 but never operated (Gov’r would not approve evacuation plan). 499 acres. Now site of natural gas plant 100 MW, & 2 wind turbines.


    Trojan, OR                  1976-1993; DECON 2003-2008. 635 acres. 34 dry casks. Don’t know what is there now.


    Zion                             1973-1998; DECON began 2013. 2 units, 250 acres.



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