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    Texas / VT Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission

    Texas Compact Waste Facility

    “The WCS facility in western Andrews County is the only commercial facility in the United States licensed to dispose of Class A, B and C Low-level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) in the past 40 years. The member states of the Texas Compact Commission are Texas and Vermont. As the host/party states, Texas and Vermont are providing a solution to the long term need for disposal of LLRW. The CWF is also available for the 34 U.S. states that do not have access to a compact disposal facility.”

    Part of WCS

    VT  Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee on ENVY: Most decommissioning reports and testimony to date are under the “Legislative Presentations and Memos” section.

    Past testimony to the Vermont Legislature and the Public Service Board provides a lot of information specific to the closure and decommissioning of Vermont Yankee.

    Windham Regional Commission (WRC)  website. Resiliency Action Plan for the Town of Vernon . See also: “What’s in our best interests when VY Closes?” by Chris Campney in The Commons.

    VT State Nuclear Advisory Panel VSNAP presentations, reports and other documents. On 10/24/13 VSNAP recommended prompt decomm. VY Decommissioning Issues slide presentation by Dr. William Irwin (VT Dept of Health, Radiological Health and Safety). VT Yankee’s SafStor presentation  Entergy’s presentation to VSNAP. VSNAP Meeting 11/14/2013  Video of meeting (Maria Dominguez, BCTV). VSNAP replaced by NDCAP (above) in August 2014.

     Fairewinds Energy Education  Enter “Vermont Yankee” in the search box. Podcasts, videos, transcripts and more. Arnie Gundersen is a nuclear engineer based in Burlington, VT who has 15 years of experience with Vermont Yankee issues, and 40 years experience as an industry insider, whistleblower, and safe energy advocate.