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    Note: Public Service Board changed its name to Public Utility Commission (PUC) in 2017, and changed its website. Old links to PSB below may not work.

    Docket #8880, Proposed sale of VT Yankee

    PUC Order on Docket 8880 [VY Sale to NorthStar] 

    Docket 8880 Petition 

    03.02.18 Announcement, summary and documents on Settlement Agreement and MOU on sale of Vermont Yankee and related decommissioning agreements: DPS Announcement on Sale which includes links to the Settlement Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding.

    03.22.18 Presentation by VT Dept. of Public Service on how public comments are reflected in the agreement and MOU. 03.22.2018 – NDCAP PSD MOU Presentation

    Docket #7862: 2014 Case before the VT Public Service Board to grant a Certificate of Public Good (CPG) permit for Entergy to operate Vermont Yankee until shutdown 12.31.14

    Settlement Agreement & MOU: Both the Settlement & Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) were written behind closed doors between Entergy & Public Service Dept. The MOU between the State and Entergy, which was accepted by PSB in Docket #7862, also set up some terms for decommissioning.  Settlement Agreement 12.23.13  

    2014 MOU Docket 7862

     CPG Order Docket 7862 3.28.14

    #6545, Sale of VT Yankee to Entergy (06.03.2002)  6545 Final Order 2002

    NRC Documents

    VT, MA, NY & CT comments to NRC on decommissioning rules.

     Current License Transfer Documents

    PSDAR: NorthStar submitted to NRC 04.06.17. PDF is too large for this site. You can download it from the NDCAP website

    Site Assessment Study, Entergy, October 2014

    Radiological Historical Site Assessment, Entergy October 2014

    Non-radiological site assessment

    PSDAR (12.19.15), links to VT agency comments, public comments, public meeting