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  • US General Accounting Office: Key Issues on Disposal of High Level Nuclear Waste

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

    NRC Webinar on VT Yankee Decommissioning 02.05.15

    NRC Webinar VY 02.05.15 NRC power point, NRC notes on webinar

    NRC Webinar Summary 02.05.15 Summary, List of Participants and Questions answered post-webinar:

    NRC Backgrounder on Decommissioning (official website including Q&A video)

    US Senator Bernie Sanders to NRC Commissioners 01/28/14 (video)

    US Senate Bill 2014  S. 2326: to amend the Atomic Energy Act to “to provide for consultation with State and local governments, the consideration of State and local concerns, and the approval of post-shutdown decommissioning activities reports by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.”

    Other decommissioned reactors

    Summary of single unit US reactors decommissioned or in process, with size of site and current use, compiled by Safe & Green with references.

    Summary of decommissioned reactors with narrative(August 2013,

    Rowe Yankee Site Closure Plan  2006. Includes a section on stakeholders and community advisory boards, beginning on page 21.

    Maine Yankee EPRI Decomm. Report [DOWNLOADS PDF] “Lessons learned” research study, 2005 by Electric Power Research Institute NRC and State Maine Yankee documents

    Miscellaneous Sources & Topics

    Nuclear Decommissioning explained Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

    Nuclear Industry Insider on-line journal.  Link to decommissioning topics.

    Union of Concerned Scientists: Decommissioning Nuclear Plants, by David Lochbaum, for the Activist Toolkit The UCS Nuclear Energy Activist Toolkit (NEAT) is a series of posts intended to help citizens understand nuclear technology and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s processes for overseeing nuclear plant safety.

    Union of Concerned Scientists: Infographic on Moving Waste to Dry Cask

    High burn up fuel and waste management  An excellent page on this topic from . “At the time of this report [2011] Vermont Yankee’s maximum of 45 GWd/MTU barely slips under the NRC’s high burnup definition of “over 45 GWd/MTU”

    Fairewinds Energy Education  Enter “Vermont Yankee” in the search box. Podcasts, videos, transcripts and more. Arnie Gundersen is a nuclear engineer based in Burlington, VT who has 15 years of experience with Vermont Yankee issues, and 40 years experience as an industry insider, whistleblower, and safe energy advocate.