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    VY Decommissioning Principles & Issues

    Decommissioning Principles & Issues identified by Safe & Green Campaign after closure

    Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel (NDCAP) is the panel of (a few) citizens, plus state agency staff, NorthStar (owners) staff and 1 representative each of the states of NH and MA. All meetings are open to the public. NDCAP meeting date and agendas are posted on their website (below). Brattleboro Community Access TV taped all the meetings; you can watch online here. NDCAP has been meeting virtually since the pandemic began in March 2020; to participate, go to their website below.

    NDCAP Website:

    NDCAP Email: (Emails will become part of the public record. Read details here.) 

    Selected News Articles

    You will see that many of our early links are to It was a reliable source of VT Yankee news, there is no paywall, and it archives everything. It has not covered VT Yankee in 2019 or 2020. Our local newspapers are the Brattleboro Reformer and The Commons of Windham County


    11.16.20 NDCAP set to review earlier stand on interim waste storage (Reformer)

    09.20.20 Proposed nuclear decommissioning bill carries big bonus for Vernon  (Reformer)

    09.14.20 Citizens panel to review plant decommissioning work (Reformer)

    08.30.20 New transport cask used at Vermont-Yankee  (Reformer)

    06.21.20 Truck hauling new empty nuclear storage cask crashes in Andover  (Chester VT Telegraph)

    06.21.20 Truck crash spills concrete headed for Vermont Yankee  (Reformer)

    05.08.20 Consultant says Northstar’s spending on track (Reformer)

    05.05.20 Northstar to fund panel, legislation or not  (Reformer)

    05.02.20 Northstar granted more time for radioactive shipments (Reformer)

    04.14.20 Northstar funding bill in limbo (Reformer)

    02.25.20 NM Congresswoman: Science should guide nuclear storage decision (AP)

    02.06.2020 Nuclear panel to shift some costs to NorthStar (Brattleboro Reformer)

    01.14.20 Nuclear Decomm Panel to NorthStar: Start Paying

    01.01.20 Following the Windham County Economic Development Money (Brattleboro Reformer)


    12.30.19 Doubts persist about VT Yankee Deommissioning Money (Brattleboro Reformer)

    12.30.19 Decade in Review: The Demise of VT Yankee (Brattleboro Reformer)

    12.21.19 Entergy Donates Former Offices to Vernon Group (Brattleboro Reformer)

    12.09.19 VY Site Survey Shows Contamination (Brattleboro Reformer)

    10.26.19 Decommissiong Test: NorthStar Uses VY as Launchpad (VPR)

    10.23.19 Unbuilding a Nuclear Power Plant (The Commons)

    10.18.19 NorthStar: VY Demolition Ahead of Schedule (Brattleboro Reformer)

    10.17.19 State: Yankee Site Shows Little Contamination (Brattleboro Reformer)

    10.04.19 Nuclear Waste Tour Begins (Brattleboro Reformer)

    09.18.19 NRC Gets an Earful about Citizens’ Panels (The Commons)

    09.18.19 NorthStar, NEC form citizens’ panel to monitor decommissioning (The Commons)

    09.16.19 Officials say NRC panels need funding (Brattleboro Reformer)

    08.13.19 Role of decommissioning citizens panels questioned (Brattleboro Reformer)

    07.28.19 Anti-nuke activists march to VY (Brattleboro Reformer)

    07.11.19 VY Cooling Towers Come Down Marking End of an Era (VT Digger)

    07.11.19 First Cooling Tower Comes Down (Brattleboro Reformer)

    05.13.19 New VY owner gets high marks (Susan Smallheer, Brattleboro Reformer)

    05.09.19 Regulators Ramp Up Oversight as VY Dismantling Begins (Mike Faher, VT Digger)

    05.03.19 Tained water could go by rail (Susan Smallheer, Brattleboro Reformer)

    04.29.19 Fuel cask maker violated NRC regulations (Susan Smallheer, Brattleboro Reformer)

    04.28.19 NRC says VY cask maker violated safety regulations (Mike Faher, VT Digger)

    04.16.19  Entergy speeds up exit from merchant power generation (Wall Street Journal)

    04.02.19 Commission, state to ask feds for VT hearing (Susan Smallheer, Brattleboro Reformer)

    03.02.19 Commission, Feds to ask NRC for Hearing  (Susan Smallheer, Brattleboro Reformer)

    02.14.19 Utilities use nuclear energy to help meet renewable energy goals (VPR)

    02.01.19 State Reassures Public on Decommissioning (Susan Smallheer, Brattleboro Reformer)

    02.01.19 VY Sale to NorthStar Generates New Questions (Kevin O’Connor, VtDigger)

    01.20.19 VY Enjoying “Hot” Retirement (Sue Prent, Green Mtn. Daily)

    01.31.19 These dumpsters of old nuclear waste are costing taxpayers a fortune (Boston Globe)

    01.15.19 Further Study of VY Fuel Casks Proposed (Susan Smallheer, Brattleboro Reformer)

    01.11.19 Yankee Sale to NorthStar Complete (Susan Smallheer, Brattleboro Reformer)

    01.11.19 VY Sale to Decomm Firm Complete (Mike Faher, VT Digger)


    12.08.18 Year in Review: VY (Susan Smallheer, Brattleboro Reformer)

    12.06.18 State OKs sale of VT Yankee to NorthStar (Susan Smallheer, Brattleboro Reformer)

    12.06.18 State OKs VY Sale to Decomm Firm (VtDigger)

    11.06.18 State OKs VY Sale to Decommissioning Firm (VtDigger, updated 12.7)

    11.06.18 State OKs sale of Vt Yankee (Susan Smallheer, Brattleboro Reformer)

    11.29.18 State to rule by next week on VY sale (VtDigger)

    11.01.18 Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear radio interview (Nuclear Free Future)

    10.31.18 Yankee reduces workforce to 24 (VtDigger)

    10.24.18 Decommissioning Sale Suspect (Nancy Rice OpEd, Rutland Herald)

    10.22.18 Buyer, watchdog group at odds over VY sale (VtDigger)

    10.12.18 Feds approve VY sale to NorthStar (VtDigger)

    09.28.18 Nuclear panel elects new leaders (VtDigger)

    09.19.18 Activists Protest Nuclear Waste (Times Argus)

    09.13.18 NRC says VY fuel moved safely (VtDigger)

    09.04.18 VY NorthStar Agreement Has Transparent History (OpEd by Guy Page)

    08.28.18 VY Sale Bad Precedent (Letter to Editor by Nancy Rice, Rutland Herald)

    08.02.18 VT Yankee $143 million fuel move finished 

    07.04.18 Feds make no promises on VY fuel removal

    07.01.18 VY Water Cost: $6 million and counting (VT Digger)

    06.26.18 Delays won’t scuttle VY sale (VtDigger)

    06.21.18 What is CLF’s alternative for VY? (Letter by Dan Jeffries, Brattleboro Reformer)

    06.18.18 New project could relieve pressure on VY (VtDigger)

    06.13.18 Risky VT Transfer should be stopped (OpEd by Sandy Levine, CLF)

    06.05.18  Welch backs controversial waste bill (VtDigger)

    05.25.18 NorthStar tries to reassure NRC on financial questions (Rutland Herald)

    05.25.18 Citizens nuclear advisory panel faces change (VtDigger)

    05.31.18 VY buyer says success here could mean big business elsewhere (VPR)

    05.25.18 Sparks fly over state support for VY panel (Rutland Herald)

    05.24.18 NorthStar makes new promises in VY deal (VtDigger)

    05.21.18 What’s holding up the sale of VY? (WCAX)

    05.14.18 Expert testifies VY leaves public at risk for env. liability (VPR)

    05.07.18 VT Yankee restarts fuel move (VtDigger)

    05.07.18 Entergy resumes VY radioactive fuel transfer (Rutland Herald)

    04.26.18 More layoffs loom at VT Yankee (VtDigger)

    04.24.18 VT Yankee Deal Lacks Safeguards (OpEd, Sandy Levine, CLF)

    04.20.18 CLF Details VT Yankee Concerns (VtDigger)

    04.13.18 Supporters dominate PUC sale hearing (VtDigger)

    04.12.18 NRC wants more info on VT Yankee sale (Rutland Herald)

    04.12.18 Governor supports VT Yankee sale; NRC asks for more info (VtDigger)

    04.10.18 VT Yankee given OK for scaled back emergency plan (VtDigger)

    04.02.18 VY’s fuel move is still on hold (Rutland Herald)

    3.27.18 Foundation for hope at VY (Guy Page OpEd, Rutland Herald)

    3.26.18 Companies propose possible plan on storage of VY spent fuel (VtDigger)

    3.25.18 VY still leaking contaminated water (VtDigger)

    3.24.18 VT Citizen panel reviews MOU with state on purchase (Greenfield Recorder)

    3.24.18 Settlement allays concerns about VY sale (VtDigger)

    3.24.18 Groups fall into step behind Yankee sale & decomm (Rutland Herald)

    3.22.18 No Parade for NorthStar (OpEd, Leslie Sullivan Sachs, The Commons & VtDigger)

    03.16.18 Cask concern halts VY fuel move (VtDigger)

    03.09.18 VT sale case wil extend into summer (VtDigger)

    03.08.18 Vernon signs deal with NorthStar (VtDigger)

    03.07.18 Howard Shaffer: VT’s nuclear power plans (Commentary, VtDigger)

    03.06.18 VY transfer gains traction with state and env. activists (Valley Advocate)

    03.05.18 State Strikes Deal with Entergy & NorthStar on Yankee Sale (Rutland Herald)

    03.02.18 VY Settlement Leaves Communities Vulnerable (CLF)

    03.02.18 Financial Cleanup Promises Win VY Critics (VtDigger)

    02.23.18 State close to deal on VT Yankee (VtDigger)

    02.23.18 Settlement days away on VY sale (VT Public Radio)

    02.12.18 Nuke critics can testify in PUC sale case (VtDigger)

    02.02.18 More delays in the name of progress (Rutland Herald)

    02.01.18 Under new ownership, Texas waste plan could be revived (EE News/EnergyWire)

    01.29.18 Waste Control Specialist sold to same company that bought NorthStar (VtDigger)

    01.26.18 State, owner inch closer to Yankee purchase (Rutland Herald)

    01.25.18 VY sale settlement may be imminent (VtDigger)

    01.22.18 VY fuel plan gets environmental ok from feds (VtDigger)

    01.12.18 State asks for delay in evidentiary hearings (Rutland Herald)

    01.11.18 ‘Substantial progress’ reported in VT Yankee sale talks (VtDigger)

    01.11.18 NorthStar amends financial offer (Rutland Herald)

    01.03.18 Vermont’s plan to dump on Nevada (OpEd, Margaret Harrington)

    01.03.18 Your Voice is Needed (Gary Sachs, LTE Brattleboro Reformer)

    01.02.18 Stewarding Vermont’s nuclear site (Amelia Shea OpEd, VtDigger)


    12.27.17 VT Yankee can put off finishing cybersecurity upgrades (VtDigger)

    12.26.17 Big month on tap for Vermont Yankee case (VtDigger)

    12.13.17   Final pay-in to $30 million restoration fund (VtDigger)

    12.15.17 Entergy’s Catch 22 (Sue Prent OpEd)

    12.08.17 VY buyer makes financial case to NRC (VtDigger)

    12.05.17 PUC consultants work under wraps (VtDigger)

    11.29.17 Entergy contends underground testing could be dangerous (VtDigger)

    11.24.17 A New Tradition (Rutland Herald / Times Argus Editorial)

    11.20.17 Murky future for VY radioactive fuel (VtDigger)

    11.18.17 Water infiltration still plagues VY (Rutland Herald)

    11.15.17 Entergy fights state plan for consultant (Rutland Herald)

    11.14.17 Beware the NorthStar plan (Gary Sachs, Letter to Brattleboro Reformer)

    11.12.17 Entergy slams state plan to hire Yankee advisor (VtDigger)

    11.12.17 In VY deal, consider the environment (Amelia Shea, Letter to Keene Sentinel and other media)

    11.10.17 Entergy objects to conditions on PUC consultant (VPR)

    11.10.17  Vernon: Make the right choice (Peter VanderDoes, Letter to Brattleboro Reformer)

    11.06.17 Why wait 60 years for economic benefits? (Patty O’Donnell Letter to Keene Sentinel & other media)

    11.05.17 Feds prolong review of VY sale (VtDigger)

    11.04.17 NRC seeks more info on VY sale (Rutland Herald)

    11.03.17 Deeper Dig Podcast: Nuclear options at VY (VtDigger)

    11.01.17 Approve VY plan (Meredith Angwin, Letter to Burlington Free Press & other media)

    11.01.17  Getting real about VY standards (Bob Leach, Letter to Brattleboro Reformer and other media)

    10.31.17 Tainted water still an issue at VY (Rutland Herald)

    10.30.17 Consultant: VY could hold contamination surprises (VtDigger)

    10.29.17 Residential standards for VY decomm. make little sense (Guy Page, VtDigger & other media)

    10.29.17 Specious objections (Howard Shaffer, Letter to Brattleboro Reformer & other media)

    10.28.17 Yankee site testing is criticized (Rutland Herald)

    10.28.17 Tainted water costs top $2million (VtDigger)

    10.19.17 VY buyer assures tribe it will hire cultural advisor (VtDigger)

    10.19.17 NorthStar balks at ‘residential standards’ (VtDigger)

    10.12.17 Support NorthStar’s purchase of VY (George Clain, Brattleboro Reformer & other media)

    10.06.17  Welch bill would compensate nuclear fuel storage communities (VtDigger)

    10.04.17 Entergy, NorthStar want critics comments nixed (VtDigger)

    10.03.17 Strong market boosts VT decommissioning fund (VtDigger)

    10.01.17 State troubled by VT Yankee rubble plan (VtDigger)

    09.30.17 VT Yankee rubble plan raises questions (Rutland Herald)

    09.23.17 NorthStar plan is Solid (OpEd, Rutland Herald)

    09.22.17 Tribe seeks voice on VT Yankee  (AP/ Rutland Herald)

    09.18.17 Vernon seeks ‘unrestricted’ future for VT Yankee site (VtDigger)

    09.18.17 Let VT Yankee land lie fallow (OpEd, Rutland Herald)

    09.17.17 State claims VT Yankee buyer would use explosives (Vt Digger)

    09.08.17 NorthStar agrees to talk with Abenakis (Brattleboro Reformer)

    09.08.17 Yankee owners ask to get jump on work (Rutland Herald)

    09.05.17 State OK’s reduction in VY security (VtDigger)

    09.04.17 Entergy finds no buyer for Brattleboro headquarters (VtDigger)

    08.31.17 VY companies expand request to seal documents (VtDigger)

    08.30.17 Cleaning Up VY (CLF)

    08.29.17 Review by Entergy consultant: no new pollution found (VtDigger)

    08.17.17 NRC signs off on VY fuel move (VtDigger)

    08.16.17 Short sighted on VY (OpEd, Amelia Shea, NEC)

    08.15.17 Hiding in the muck (LTE, Peter van der Does)

    08.14.17 Listen to experts on decomm (LTE, Robert Leach, Keene Sentinel)

    08.08.17 Action is ‘slow, deliberate’ in VY fuel move (VtDigger)

    08.08.17 Let NorthStar do the job (OpEd, Rutland Herald)

    08.06.17 After opposition, VY drops Hinsdale shooting range (Keene Sentinel)

    08.04.17 More faked test results at VY (Rutland Herald)

    08.02.17 A thorough vetting of decommissioning (OpEd, Schuyler Gould, NEC)

    08.01.17 NorthStar being bought by equity company (Rutland Herald)

    08.01.17 Would be buyer gets jump on clean up work (VtDigger)

    08.01.17 VT Yankee demolition company has a new owner (Rutland Herald)

    07.30.17 NorthStar changes hands (VtDigger)

    07.28.17 Skipped rad safety tests at VY (VtDigger)

    07.28.17 VY takes the high road by shipping groundwater (OpEd, Guy Page, VEP; VtBiz)

    07.26.17 VY concerns ‘unfounded’ the companies say (Reformer)

    07.24.17 State will take longer to review Yankee sale (VtDigger)

    07.12.17 State hit for fighting Yankee sale (Rutland Herald)

    07.12.17 Company hired to dismantle interior of VY (Rutland Herald)

    07.11.17 AREVA signs deal to dismatle VT Yankee (VtDigger)

    07.09.17 NEC to NRC: VY clean up plan doubtful (VtDigger)

    07.05.17  Fast, Cheap and Good? A Closer Look at the VY Deal

    06.29.17 Nuclear business has done it before (Rutland Herald)

    06.29.17 NRC: VY Can send tainted [tritium] water to Idaho (VtDigger)

    06.28.17 PSB new name July 1: PUC (VtDigger)

    06.27.17 NRC says Entergy deception willful (Rutland Herald)

    06.26.17 States claim NRC ignoring nuke cleanup concerns (VtDigger)

    06.26.17 VY Tech skipped tests of safety gear (VtDigger)

    06.23.17 Nuclear dismantler touts safety, experience for VT job [Areva] (VtDigger)

    06.21.17 Nuclear fuel likely to stay here (Rutland Herald)

    06.21.17 Judge blocks sale of VY Disposal firm [WCS] (VtDigger)

    06.18.17 VY buyer seeks ‘reasonable’ deal with state (VtDigger)

    06.16.17  New PSB Chair won’t hear VT Yankee Case (VtDigger)

    06.15.17 State sees ‘significant risk’ in VT Yankee sale (VtDigger)

    06.14.17 Entergy starts transfer of 3,000 fuel rods (Rutland Herald)

    05.12.17 Activists rail against VT Yankee waste plans (VtDigger)

    05.10.17 Yankee suitor: public shouldn’t see highly confidential plans (VtDigger)

    05.05.17  Vermont Yankee Expert says faster reuse unrealistic amid national waste dilemma (Lissa Weinman, Brattleboro Reformer)

    05.04.17  Some predict trouble over rubble (VtDigger)

    04.26.17 VT Yankee cleanup partner stops work on nuclear dump (VtDigger)

    04.17.17 Proposed VY cleanup partner [AREVA] responds to concerns

    04.09.17 Questions dominate VT Yankee sale discussion (

    04.08.17 VY decommissioning sale praised (Rutland Herald)

    04.06.17  Process for sale of VT Yankee said to be first arrangement of its kind (Greenfield Recorder)

    04.07.17 VT Yankee shutdown ‘drastically changed’ river impact (Vtigger)

    04.05.17  I want to believe them (Leslie Sullivan Sachs, The Commons)

    03.31.17  New Mexico [Holtec] used fuel project put to regulators (World Nuclear News)

    03.27.17  State, Entergy spar on contamination question (VtDigger)

    03.25.17  Yankee cleanup must be done right (Sandy Levine, CLF)

    03.25.17 State raises questions on Yankee sale (Rutland Herald)

    03.24.17  Officials, locals question viability of VT Yankee sale (Greenfield Recorder)

    03.17.17 NorthStar meets with local groups (except anti-nuclear ones) (Reformer)

    03.10.17   NRC staff says Entergy can use decom trust for spent fuel management (Rutland Herald)

    03.07.17  Feds commit to Vermont public hearing on Yankee sale (VtDigger)

    03.04.17  VY sale review attracts crowd (VtDigger): 8 parties ask PSB for status in Docket 8880 – sale from Entergy to NorthStar.

    03.01.17  State schedules VY sale hearing (VtDigger)

    02.23.17  Union, env. group seek role in Yankee sale (VtDigger)

    02.15.17  VY citizens panel wants help (VtDigger)

    02.11.17   Bill seeks shake up of nuke panel (Rutland Herald)

    02.10.17   Entergy won’t use trust fund for sale expenses (Rutland Herald)

    02.06.17   Liz Miller won’t represent Entergy in sale (VtDigger)

    02.01.17 AREVA and NorthStar form joint partnershp (AREVA)

    02.05.17   Entergy has spent $125 million of fund since shut down (Brattleboro Reformer)

    01.31.2017 Yankee sale calls for faster transfer of fuel  (Susan Smallheer, Rutland Herald)

    01.30.17 Proposed nuke panel shakeup irks Senator (Mike Faher, VtDigger)

    01.27.17  VY to move fuel in spring (Mike Faher, VT Digger)

    01.27.17  NDCAP wants public NRC meeting (Susan Smallheer, Rutland Herald)

    01.27.17  NDCAP favors panel changes (Susan Smallheer, Rutland Herald)

    01.26.17 Can’t trust Entergy deal (Gary Sachs letter to the editor)

    01.25.17 Buyer lobbies NRC for feds blessing (Mike Faher, Brattleboro Reformer)

    01.24.17  Complicated decomm scheme (OpEd, Howard Fairman, VtDigger)

    01.17.17  ‘Solutions’ rife with danger (OpEd by Nancy Braus, The Commons)

    01.15.17  NEC pondering role in proposed sale of VT Yankee (Susan Smallheer, Rutland Herald)

    01.13.17 Indian Point closing ends Entergy era in Northeast  (Susan Smallheer, Rutland Herald)

    01.05.17  New Dept Public Service Commissioner June Tierney (VtDigger)


    12.28.16 Northstar has the experience (OpEd by Guy Page, VT Energy Partnership, Rutland Herald)

    12.27.16 VT Yankee hires former foe as lawyer (Susan Smalheer, Rutland Herald)

    12.27.16 Yankee decomm plans need caution (Editorial, Greenfield Recorder)

    12.26.16 No such thing as green nuclear power (OpEd by Ann Darling, Greenfield (MA) Recorder & Northampton (MA) Gazette

    12.26.16 Shumlin: VT better off without nuclear plant (Mike Faher,

    12.24.16 Perry may solve nuclear waste problem (OpEd by Bob Leach, Rutland Herald)

    12.23.16 Yankee clean up put on fast track (Susan Smallheer, Rutland Herald)

    12.20.16 Proposed Yankee sale seeking state approval (Meghan Foley, Keene Sentinel)

    12.19.16 VY suitor discloses detailed plans (Mike Faher, VtDigger)

    12.06.16 Tainted water totals 400K gallons so far (Mike Faher, VtDigger)

    11.21.2016 Anti-trust suit threatens Vt Yankee merger(Susan Smallheer, Greenfield Recorder)

    11.17.2016 Feds sue proposed VT Yankee disposal company (VtDigger)

    11.11.2016 Citizen Watchdogs Fear ‘Cheap and Dirty’ VT Yankee Decommissioning  (Richie Davis, Greenfield Recorder)

    11.08.2016 Entergy to sell Vt Yankee to NorthStar/ (VtDigger)

    10.14.2016 Report: “When People and Money Leave (and the Plant Stays) –Lessons Learned from the Closure of the Vermont Yankee Power Station: A Tri-Region Experience.” Authored by Regional Commissions in Vermont, New Hampshire & Massachusetts and Brattleboro Development Credit Corp. white-paper-final

    02.04.2016 NRC Finds No Issues with VY Clean Up Plan (VtDigger) NRC OKs VY Decomm Plan (Burlington Free Press)

    02.03.2016 Groundwater Problem Emerges at VY (VtDigger)

    02.01.2016 PSB Hearing Dates Set on Nuke Storage (VtDigger)

    02.02.2016 Spent Fuel at VY Raises Concerns  (Reformer)

    01.30.2016 Radioactive Leaks: Will Entergy Do the Right Thing? (Rutland Herald)

    01.29.2016  NDCAP Meeting Debates (VtDigger)

    01.28.2016 Shaking Entergy’s Piggy Bank (Green Mtn. Daily)

    01.28.2016 Decomm Trust Fund Drops 10% (Rutland Herald)

    01.28.2016 Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education on Decomm “Slush Fund” (CCTV video, podcast and transcript)

    01.26. 2016 Entergy Spent 10% of Trust Fund in 2015 (VtDigger)

    01.25.2016 Shumlin Zeros Out Yankee Emergency Funding (VtDigger)

    01.16.2016 NRC: Entergy Complying with Investment Guidelines on Trust Fund (Barre Times-Argus)

    01.13.2016 US Sen. Leahy on Waste Storage (VtDigger)

    01.06.2016 Entergy & Pilgrim: A Look Back at 2015 (Kingston MA/Wicked Local)

    01.02.2016 CT, MA & NH Support Decomm Trust Review (VtDigger)


    12.30.2016 MA Attorney General Files in Support of VT Challenge to NRC (LegalNewsLine)

    12.13.2015 NRC Approves Downsizing Emergency Operations [VtDigger]

    12.08.15 VT Yankee Concerns Addressed by NRC Commissioner (Reformer)

    12.04.15 Stop Harrassing VT Yankee (Rutland Herald Letter)

    12.01.15 Nuclear Power: Closing the Civility Gap (Brattleboro Reformer)

    11.25.15 Citizen Advisory Panels protest nuclear waste (VtDigger)

    11.24.15 McQuiston: Energy Myths (VPR Commentary)

    11.16.15 Panel pushes for more local input on VT Yankee decomm (VtDigger)

    11.16.15 State legal fees could come from trust fund (VtDigger)

    11.13.15 VY Panels Backs Up More Local Say in NRC Rulemaking (VT Public Radio)

    11.06.15 State ramps up pressure on NRC to review Yankee spending (VtDigger)

    10.29.15 NRC: no investigation into Entergy finances necessary (VtDigger)

    10.28.15 Entergy wants to take $1.2 million from trust fund for property taxes (VtDigger)

    09.03.15 Advisory Panel looks for consensus on VY (VtDigger)

    06.27.15 Holtec President says dry casks will last 300 years (Enformable)

    06.26.15 Vt Official: Vt Yankee Trust Fund Process is ‘Broken’ (Brattleboro Reformer)

    06.26.15 VT seeks regional support to challenge NRC (Rutland Herald)

    06.26.15 Fuel Storage System at Yankee Questioned (Keene Sentinel)

    06.19.15 NRC Sides with Entergy on Yankee Trust Fund (Rutland Herald)

    06.19.15 NRC Says Entergy can use decomm fund to store spent fuel (VtDigger)

    05.21.15  OpEd on Entergy funds (Brattleboro Reformer)

    05.20.15 State can’t have EPZ hearing (Brattleboro Reformer)

    05.19.15  VY EPZ Closer to being eliminated (Rutland Herald)

    04.28.15 NRC Says No Significant Environmental Impact to Reduced EPZ (Reformer via VtDigger)

    04.14.15 Residents Air Concerns on Vt Yankee Planning (Greenfield Recorder)

    04.09.15 State Fights to Continue EPZ (Rutland Herald)

    03.29.15 Dry Cask Storage for Short Term – NDCAP presentation by Jay Tarzia (VtDigger)

    03.25.15 NRC Questions Entergy financial plans (Rutland Herald)

    03.21.15 Entergy draws $12M from trust fund (Rutland Herald)

    03.17.15 NRC denies state request to delay EPZ exemption (Reformer)

    03.16.15 Entergy ordered to pay security guards overtime (VtDigger)

    03.12.15 State concerned about future contamination (VtDigger)

    03.11.15 New legal conflicts emerge in battles over VY (VPR)

    03.11.15 9 County Legislators: We Oppose SAFSTOR (The Commons)

    03.08.15 Entergy to fight the state on use of decomm fund (VtDigger)

    03.07.15  VT to NRC : “Force Entergy” to address State concerns (Reformer)

    03.05.15 NRC approves EPZ elimination (Bennington Banner)

    03.01.15 VT seeks details on Entergy finances (VtDigger)

    02.26.15 VT Joins Petition to Study Entergy’s Finances (MassLive)

    02.19.15 NRC Public Meeting on PSDAR

    Charged Atmosphere (NEPR News) 2.20.15

    Critics Decry Lack of Details TA 2.21.15

    NRC Takes Comments on Decommm Plan (Commons 02.25.15)

    Residents Seek Assurance (VTDigger 02.22.15)

    “Our Brand New Reality – OpEd by Lissa Weinmann (The Commons 02.25.15)

    02.03.15 Why go to the NRC Public Hearing? by Leslie Sullivan Sachs, The Commons

    01.07.15  VY Shuts Down for the Last Time by Olga Peters, The Commons

    01.07.15  It Had Damn Well Better Be Possible OpEd by Jeff Potter, The Commons


    Dec. 31 Why Closing VT Yankee Won’t Raise New England’s Power Bills (Mark Cooper, Forbes)

    Dec. 29, 2014 12:12 pm VT Yankee Shut Down. Click here for a selection of news articles and OpEds.

    Dec. 22:  VY Prepared to Power Down (WCAX TV)

    Dec. 10: Gone Fission (Seven Days, Burlington VT)

    Dec. 09: Entergy line of credit to transfer spent fuel (Times-Argus)

    Nov. 20: Entergy announces lay-offs as of January (Reformer)

    Nov 11: Entergy wants to tap decomm fund for EPZ (VtDigger)

    Oct. 23: NRC Questions VY Shut Down Emergency Plans (Reformer)

    Oct. 17: Entergy VY Submits $1.24B Decom. SAFSTOR Plan (

    Oct. 2: Entergy: Meeting as ‘watershed moment’ for VY  (The Commons)

    Sept. 27: Entergy details staff cuts, spent fuel plans at NDCAP meeting (Reformer)

    Sept. 17: A New Phase, and Some New Conversations on NDCAP (The Commons)

    Aug. 16: VY Looks to End Emergency Planning Role (Reformer)

    May 16: Entergy Begins Process for Increased Storage of Spent Fuel at VY (Reformer)

    May 15: State Wants Entergy to Continue Emergency Planning (VTDigger, Reformer)

    April 2: VT Public Service Board grants Certificate of Public Good by Olga Peters

    Feb. 5: NRC Won’t Grant Yankee Exemption by Susan Smallheer, Rutland Herald. Because Entergy  “is under no legal obligation” to close the reactor, it cannot waive the NRC’s mandated post-Fukushima improvements. The NRC needs more details before deciding if it is eligible for a waiver.

    Feb 1 2014 “Prettifying the Porker” by Sue Prent, Green Mtn. Daily with discussion and informative comments on an OpEd by Brad Ferland, a paid lobbyist for a front group for Entergy.

    Jan. 30 “Recchia Defends Deal” and Jan 31 “PSB Questions Entergy’s credibility” PSB Technical Hearings, articles by Rutland Herald’s Susan Smallheer

    Jan. 28  “The Big Picture Theater” Arnie & Maggie Gundersen connect the dots between Fukushima and Vermont Yankee, with lots of good info and history. 25 minute video.

    01/24/14 Franklin County Calls for Prompt Decommissioning by Richie Davis, The Gazette

    01/03/14 Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Associates, interview on WDEV Radio with Mark Johnson. Starts at 3 minutes on Vermont Yankee deal with the State.

    01/03/14 Rutland Herald: Vt Yankee Parties can pull out

    12/23/13 VtDigger: VY Could Be Decommissioned within 10-15 Years, Shumlin Says

    12/12 VPR: Local Voices Locked Out of VT Yankee Discussions

    11/27 VtDigger: “High level discussions between state and Entergy”

    11/23 Davd Gram, AP: Vt, Entergy in talks on decommissioning

    11/25: Decomm costs could include spent fuel handling

    VY Closing: Now What? (BCTV video). Lissa Weinmann, World Policy Institute, speaks to the Brattleboro Citizens Breakfast about what is happening on the national level that will impact us locally. 09/20/2103

    Voices Live: The Commons Panel on The Path Toward a Post-Nuclear Economy   Articles    Full Transcript   BCTV Video

    SeVEDS Post-VY Task Force Report  March 2012

    Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds: “Entergy Pulling the Plug on VT Yankee”

    7Days interview on VY Decomm. with Arnie Gundersen


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    Federal Legislation Key to Jobs, Creating Swift Post VY Clean Up 08/31/13 by Lissa Weinmann,  Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute in New York, lives and is a home and business owner in Brattleboro.

    The Way Forward  Brattleboro Reformer 08/29/13

    What Killed the Beast? OpEd by Bob Bady, Safe & Green Campaign

    VY’s Lasting Legacy Letter to the Editor by Ann Darling, Safe & Green Campaign. Followed by a pro-VY letter.