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    TIMELINE 2004-Today: Notable Leaks, Lies, Accidents, and Legal News listed by year, 2004 to the current date

    Safe & Green Campaign Facebook page  YouTube: ReplaceVY2012

    Safe & Green Letters to the Editor & OpEds     Pro-Nuke Letters   Write Your Own

    Safe & Green Alternatives: links to sustainable energy efforts in our evacuation zone

    EnviroNews 2017: Nuclear Power in Our World Today (series)

    False Solution: Nuclear Power is Not Low Carbon (The Ecologist)

    Nuclear Power & Climate: Why Nukes Can’t Save the Planet (NIRS Fact sheet)

    Nuclear Subsidies: Still Not Viable without Subsidies Report by USC released 3.11.11

    Local Tools:

    Map of Evacuation Zone Highway Bridge Banner Making
    Brattleboro Public Parking  

    Nuclear Power Resources:

    Nuclear Power 101: Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Associates explains splitting atoms to boil water in this easy to follow video and power point.

    Radiation and Human Health by Ira Helfand, Physicians for Social Responsibility

    Dr. Egghead’s Glossary of Technical Nuclear Terms (IEER)

    “How Prepared Are We?” . Nine article series on evacuation planning by Brattleboro Reformer, October 2012.

    US Sen. Bernie Sanders and VT Gov. Shumlin Defend Democracy video 4.14.2011

    Freeze Our Fukushimas Beyond Nuclear: News, information and campaign to shut down the 23 General Electric Mark I Boiling Water Reactors, including VT Yankee – the same flawed design as those that melted down at Fukushima-Daiichi in Japan.

    How Citizen Scientists Can Sample Radiation: “Marco Kaltofen, PE explains how citizens scientists can properly, collect, document, package and ship radiation samples.” Video and transcript posted on Fairewinds webite.

    New Nuclear Reactors: Too Costly, Dangerous, Dirty Factsheet from Physicians for Social Responsibility

    Vermont Energy Independence (crowd sourced film released March 21, 2013

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