Mother’s Day & NDCAP

All are invited to celebrate Mothers Day this coming Sunday May 12th. The Liberty Union is hosting a gathering & program on the Brattleboro Common from 1:00-4:00pm, “honoring the work of millions of mothers who work for peace in homes, on the streets, on the job, in government.”
NDCAP: The next meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel is scheduled for Monday, May 20 at the Vernon Elementary School from 6-9pm. Keep an eye on their website for the agenda: 
Safe & Green’s website posts the most recent relevant news on our decomissioning-resources page.
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F-35 Silent Vigil & Meditation

Citizens Silent Vigil and Meditative Protest Against F-35A in Vermont

A group of concerned Windham Country area citizens will conduct a Silent Vigil & Meditation on the Whetstone Path at the Brattleboro Food Co-op on Thursday May 9, between 4:00-5:00 PM to protest the basing of the F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter Bomber at Burlington’s International Airport next year.

This local action is in solidarity with a state action on 9 May in Montpelier that will include a 24 Hour Meditation Protest for Peace, culminating with a one-hour meditation for all to join from 2-3:00 pm on the Statehouse lawn. [Details below]

Participants who join us are encouraged to either stand silently, holding signs, or to join those who will be meditating. Please bring your own chair or cushion

The  F-35A, a stealth bomber, is designed to carry a nuclear payload, thus making it an offensive, not a defensive weapon. This exposes Burlington, and the entire state of Vermont, to being a first-strike target.

The stationing of the F-35s with nuclear capability in Burlington means, that the City becomes a s first strike or a retaliatory target by foreign powers to take out the nuclear weapons and the F-35s to prevent a counterstrike.

Immediate consequences of an accident involving a nuclear weapon will be catastrophic beyond human imagination. Any accident of the F-35, even without nuclear weapons on board, will devastate the greater Burlington area due to the toxicity of the materials with which the plane is constructed; producing fire not extinguishable by conventional means.

For further information, contact Tim Stevenson, or 802.869.2141
Statehouse: Meditation Protest for Peace schedule:
Wednesday, May 8 at 3:00 pm.  (Set up will commence up to one hour prior)  Two individuals will begin 24 hour sit at 3:00 pm.  (If you would like to sit for the full 24 hours please let us know).  
Wednesday afternoon-overnight-Thursday morning:  Silent meditation.  Please join as your schedule allows.
Thursday, May 9 at 1:40 pm.  Begin gathering in preparation to join the Sit at 2:00 pm.  The last hour of the Sit will run from 2-3:00 pm.  
     ***This is the time that we want most people to attend so if this time is open in your schedule, please join us***
Thursday, May 9 at 3:00 pm.  Press conference.  Please plan to stay present for the press conference to show your visible support for banning the basing of nuclear weapons in our State.  
 The stand we take has the power to reverberate and inspire activism all over the country; Vermont has led the way before, and Vermont can lead the way again.  

Contact Jennifer Decker

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Call The VT Statehouse: No nuclear weapons in Vermont

F-35 jets can be made capable of carrying nuclear bombs, and basing them in Burlington makes us a target in the event of war. We don’t want any part of it.  The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons starts in Vermont.

NUCLEAR BOMBER FREE VERMONT — Call Your representatives, today!

Leave a message at 802.828.2228 and ask your state senators to co-sponsor the Pollina/Clarkson Resolution to keep Vermont nuclear weapon and nuclear weapon system free. Please leave messages at 802.828.2228 THIS MORNING for Senators Pearson, Ashe, Lyons, and Sirotkin: “PLEASE keep Vermont nuclear weapon platform free and sponsor the Pollina/Clarkson Amendment.”

Rep. Cina and Rep. McCullough are introducing H.R. 7, their Nuclear Bomber Free Vermont resolution to the House this week. Call the State House at 828-2228 and urge them to support H.R. 7, the Nuclear Bomber Free Vermont resolution. If you prefer to email, you can look up your Representatives contact here.  

LEARN MORE at our event this coming Monday, April 22 at 6pm, Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main Street, Brattleboro. 4.22 Event: Nuclear Bombers in VT?


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4.22 Event: Nuclear Bombers in VT?

Join Citizens Against Nuclear Bombers in Vermont (CANBVT), Safe and Green Campaign, and other concerned citizens in a discussion about the F-35 nuclear bombers soon to be based in Burlington. Dr. Ira Hefland of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) is our featured speaker for the night. Come get informed on the bombers and what it means to have them based in our state on Monday, April 22nd 6:00pm Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main Street in Brattleboro. We will meet in the Parlor.

The F-35 planes will come to the National Guard base in northern Vermont this September. Nothing about nuclear bomb capability was brought up in the planning process that approved the aircraft being sited in Vermont. The first information the nuclear weapon capability and mission of the F-35 came to light in the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review. For example:

“The United States is incorporating nuclear capability onto the forward-deployable, nuclear-capable F-35 as a replacement for the current aging DCA (dual capable aircraft). ”  — (2018 Nuclear Posture Review, Introduction, page X-XI)

Learn more about Citizens Against Nuclear Bombers in VT:

On the website is a petition CABVT is promoting:

We urge you to support the resolution in the statehouse to reject the basing of any part of a new nuclear weapons system in Vermont.

All new F-35As are being built with the capability to carry the B61-12 guided nuclear bomb, a weapon specially designed for the F-35A.  Existing F-35As will be eventually modified to carry this 50 kiloton nuclear weapon.  It has over 3 times the explosive power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, which killed approximately 150,000 civilians.
Experts have stated that the military had long planned to make the F-35A a nuclear weapon system.  However, this fact was never revealed to the public.  It was only because of recent articles in the military press that referenced the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review that this information was revealed. 
Both of Vermont’s senators have said they oppose building new nuclear weapons. Our current President has impulsively made statements about wanting to use nuclear weapons.
The particular bomb to be deployed on this bomber is a so-called “dial-a-yield.”  Because the yield can be adjusted, military planners refer to it as a “usable nuke” because they think they can use it and not create all-out nuclear war. 

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Year Eight of One Radioactive Disaster

It’s been eight years since the horrific events at Fukushima changed lives.

If you’ve forgotten why we should still care about a disaster on the other side of the world, remember this: some of Japan’s nuclear reactors are the same age, make and model as Vermont Yankee and dozens of other reactors in the US — some with extended licenses and over packed fuel pools, on bodies of water so much smaller than Fukushima’s Pacific Ocean.

Here’s another challenge we have in common: what to do with radioactive materials. Japan says they’ll move dirt from the Fukushima location by 2045 — but no other town wants it either. Sound familiar? One proposal: use the irradiated soil as the foundation for road, embankments, and other infrastructure. The Guardian covers some issues here.

Not much progress on what to do with the One Million Tons of irradiated water, either. The ice wall is working imperfectly, the 1,000 tanks aren’t holding up, they are running out of space to put the tanks, and because there are NO GOOD SOLUTIONS decision-making is slow. Releasing it into the Pacific Ocean is still being considered — even though “a system meant to purify contaminated water had failed to remove dangerous radioactive contaminants. ” Learn more: Reuters on water woes

Brattleboro is the same distance from VT Yankee as the town of Namie is from the Fukushima reactors. Although the government said Namie is safe for residents to return, only 875 of the 17,000 residents have done so.

“We were driven out of our community, and had it destroyed,” he said. “We asked the town and the prefecture to re-create a community for us, away from home, but we were not listened to.”

“The elderly who come back feel pessimism and depression. The biggest tragedy now is the high rate of suicides.”

The Olympics are being held in Japan in 2020. Softball games will be held in the Fukushima province, and there is even talk of the the Olympic torch starting from Fukushima. Put on a happy face, Fukushima! Show the world how we’ve beat this thing! After all, we want to build some new nuclear reactors!

If the plight of humans does not move you, but $ signs do, consider this: Think tanks put costs between $315 billion and $728 billion. 

This month, Greenpeace published an in-depth report on the radiation risks and human rights violations resulting from continuing disaster, “On the Frontline of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident: Workers and Children.” You can read it or  download the PDF from here: Google link to open Greenpeace report




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NDCAP Meeting POSTPONED to Jan. 31

The agenda for Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel (NDCAP) has been posted. The meeting starts at 6pm 1/24  Thursday January 31st at the Vernon Elementary School. It is the first meeting with NorthStar as owners of VT Yankee.

It includes, following NorthStar + state updates:
6:50 State of Vermont Role in VY Decommissioning: – Overview of NRC & VT PUC Decisions on VY Sale – State Agency Roles: ▪ Public Service Department ▪ Agency of Natural Resources ▪ Department of Health ▪ Attorney General’s Office

The agenda is linked here in our Event calendar and on the State of VT page here: 

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1/12/19: Bye Bye Entergy

Entergy has left Vermont after 17 years. Ownership formally turned over to NorthStar for decommissioning yesterday.

9 years ago this week, Safe and Green Campaign organized then walked 126 miles from Brattleboro to Montpelier to say the time had come to turn off Vermont Yankee and switch to safe, affordable and available alternatives. They marched by day and gave public presentations at night, before sleeping in churches and host homes. Read their “Step It Up to Shut It Down” blog here

As they walked, local media was full of the news that Yankee was leaking tritium … and Entergy was lying about it. Bye, bye, Entergy. We won’t miss you.

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PUC Approves Sale of VY to NorthStar

To the surprise of no one, Vermont’s Public Utility Commission has approved the sale of Vermont Yankee from Entergy to NorthStar.

VtDigger has a post here (by Mike Faher, updated on 12/7) and here is the Brattleboro Reformer’s article (by Susan Smalheer). No other in-state media that we have seen has covered the sale with any level of detail.

The PUC’s Order and Certificate of Public Good are too large for our website to handle. You can access them from the PUC’s website.  You will need to log on (or create a user name and password to do so). The link is:





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November 2018 Update

Heads up! This coming week on the Vermont Yankee front:

1) New England Coalition’s annual meeting is Saturday, December 1 at Brattleboro Savings & Loan, 221 Main St, in the community room beginning at 1:30pm. Enter at the back of the bank. Ray Shadis will speak on the topic: “Carry It On: The Greening of Vermont Yankee and the Near-Term Future of Nuclear-related Advocacy in New England.” Details here on the NEC website.

2) The next Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel (NDCAP) will be held on Thursday, December 6th from 6:00 to 7:45 pm in the Maria Lawrence Room at the Vermont Agricultural Business Education Center (VABEC), 11 University Way, Brattleboro. The agenda is here on the NDCAP webpage. This will be the first meeting under NDCAP’s new chair Chris Campany.

3) According to VtDigger, the Public Utilities Commission will decide on the sale of Vermont Yankee from Entergy to NorthStar sometime this coming week. The article is here.



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Robbie Leppzer’s film, Power Struggle, on VT PBS

POWER STRUGGLE:  A feature-length documentary about the grassroots citizen’s battle to shut down a nuclear power plant in Vermont.

A Film By Robbie Leppzer, In association with NHK-Japan. 86 minutes

Watch it on Vermont PBS:

• Thursday, November 1 at 7pm on Vermont PBS

• Sunday, November 4 at 2pm on Vermont PBS

• Monday, November 5 at 9pm on Vermont PBS Plus

• Friday, November 9 at 8pm on Vermont PBS Plus

• Tuesday, November 13 at 9pm on Vermont PBS Plus

• Friday, November 30 at 9pm on Vermont PBS Plus

Additional airdates of POWER STRUGGLE on Vermont PBS will be added to this page throughout the coming year.

For more information and to watch a film trailer:

Like our Facebook page:

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