“Accidents Can Happen” TMI Documentary

Coming to Brattleboro on October 26! Film maker, professor and ecofeminist Heidi Hutner will be speaking about women, gender, and nuclearity, and showing a short from her film: ACCIDENTS CAN HAPPEN: The Women of Three Mile Island.

OCTOBER 26 1:30 pm 118 Elliot, St., Brattleboro, Vt – hosted by New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, as part of their 48th Annual Meeting. All welcome! 

“A documentary about the silenced story of the women from the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. This is the tale of the mothers– Linda, Joyce, Beth and Paula—ordinary American housewives who lived five miles from the nuclear power plant at the time of the meltdown. The accident turned their lives upside down and awakened them to the politics of the nuclear industry and the silencing of truth. The women fought back. This is their story–the true story of Three Mile Island.”  www.accidentscanhappenthefilm.com/


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High-Level Nuclear Waste Tour 10/1-10/6

CAN Goes On the Road Again! [from http://www.nukebusters.org/]

When: Tuesday, October 1 – Sunday, October 6, 2019.
Where: New England.
What: CAN is organizing a third High-Level Nuclear Waste (HLNW) Tour in New England with Cape Downwinders, Boston Downwinders, and Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance. New England is ground zero for the industry’s attempt to make its nuclear waste problem disappear by foisting it on targeted vulnerable communities in the southwest. The Waste Tour addresses the abdication by the federal government and the nuclear industry to deal with HLNW stranded at nuclear sites throughout the country. We will bring speakers to discuss the issues of nuclear waste, Federal policy, and environmental justice.

The Tour will run from October 1 – 6, 2019 and will travel through four states: Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

Tuesday, October 1: Press Conference & CCTV in Burlington, VT; 6pm event Christ Episcopal Church in Montpelier, VT (TBD).
Wednesday, October 2: AM in White River Junction (TBD) and Brattleboro, VT; 7-10pm event at Hawks & Reed in Greenfield, MA with The Wildcat O’Halloran Band & Friends.
Thursday, October 3: Concord and Seabrook, NH (TBD).
Friday, October 4: Boston State House, MA.
Saturday, October 5: 11am-1pm event at the Public Library in Plymouth, MA; 3-6pm event at the Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham, MA with music on the lawn.
Sunday, October 6: Connecticut (TBD); 6:30-10pm event at the VFW in Florence, MA with The Wildcat O’Halloran Band.

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Sept. 10: NRC meeting on Community Advisory Boards

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is holding meetings around the country to get feedback on Community Advisory Boards  from those living near nuclear power stations. Since soon after the announcement of closure in 2014, Vermont Yankee has had NDCAP (Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel).

NRC staff will holding this meeting on September 19 in the MultiPurpose Room of Brattleboro Area Middle School, 109 Sunny Acres (near BUHS), Brattleboro.   Details on the Vermont meeting are here on the NRC website.

The NRC overview page, including meeting info for 10 other locations in the USA, are here.

The NRC held a webinar this week on the meetings. The slides from this meeting are here

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NDCAP Special Issues Committee

From Public Service Department:

Please note:  This is NOT A MEETING OF THE FULL PANEL.  The Issues Committee is a 6 person subset of NDCAP.  The next meeting of the full NDCAP will be in September.  However the meeting has yet to be set.  All NDCAP meetings, including those of its established committees are open to the public. 



July 19, 2019

Contact: Tony Leshinskie, State Nuclear Engineer

(802) 272-1714





July 24 Special Meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel Issues Committee Announced


Montpelier, VT – The Issues Committee of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP) will hold a Special Meeting on Wednesday evening, July 24, 2019 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at the Windham Regional Commission (WRC) Offices, 139 Main Street, Suite 505, in Brattleboro, Vermont.  The meeting will be held in the WRC Conference Room.  The Committee will identify potential agenda items for the September 2019 NDCAP public meeting.  Potential amendments to NDCAP’s enabling statute and future Panel composition changes to be deliberated upon by the existing Panel will be discussed.  An outline for NDCAP’s 2019 Annual Report will also be developed. 


The Special Meeting is open to the public.  The following conference call line is available for those who are unable to attend the meeting in person:


Phone number: (802) 828-7228 – OR – (802) 552-8456

Conference Room Number: 9422 7535 (followed by the “#” sign)





Vermont Department of Public Service

112 State Street

Montpelier, VT 05620-2601






Anthony R. Leshinskie

State Nuclear Engineer & Decommissioning Coordinator

Vermont Public Service Department

112 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05620-2601

Office / Cell:                  (802) 272-1714

NEW VT Yankee Site Office #: (802) 451-5354 ext. 2564


VY Decommissioning Information Available at:  http://publicservice.vermont.gov/electric/ndcap


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Walk for a Nuclear Free Future

The annual Walk for a Nuclear Free Future will be walking from Brattleboro to Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in Vernon on Sunday, July 28th. For more information, contact Lorie (802) 275-8749.

On Saturday, August 3, 2019 — Hiroshima-Nagasaki Day — 74th Commemoration Ceremony with be held at the Grafton Peace Pagoda in Petersburg, New York.

Details on the full walk which begins Saturday July 27: Lexington, MA–Hanscom Air Force Base and concludes with the August 3rd ceremony: Hiroshima Nagasaki Day.2019

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Pilgrim Shut Down!

Another nuke bites the dust! Pilgrim is the 4th to close since the closure of Yankee …. only 97 more to go, folks. Safe & Green Campaign gives a big shout out to all the individuals and groups who worked for decades to bring  this feeble nuke down — year after year Pilgrim was deemed one of the least safe in the US by the NRC. Congrats to Cape Downwinders, Pilgrim Watch, and Cape Cod Bay Watch. (Check out a full list at Pilgrim Coalition).

The 47 year old Pilgrim Nuclear Reactor shut down on Friday May 31 2019. Pilgrim was bought by Entergy (former owners of VT Yankee) in 1999. It was losing $40 million a year. Due to the good work of many activists, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would not prop it up with ratepayer fees.

Holtec is seeking to purchase Pilgrim from Entergy (lured, no doubt, by the decommissioning trust fund). Holtec’s casks are being used at VT Yankee & Pilgrim, despite controversy about their safety. In addition, Holtec has come under increased scrutiny for corruption charges in New Jersey: A False Answer, a Big Political Connection and $260 Million in Tax Breaks

Citizens groups are continuing the struggle. Like for Vt Yankee, this next stage includes a Citizens Decommissioning panel (NDCAP). Diane Turco of Cape Downwinders writes, “The Holtec house of cards is planning to buy Pilgrim but won’t answer questions of concern posed by the NDCAP. No transparency or honesty should equal no contract.” Pilgrim Watch has created a “Decommissioning Pilgrim Handbook” available here as a pdf slideshow.

Cape Downwinders established “a citizens radiation monitoring network with monitors in Plymouth, Sandwich, Dennis, Harwich, Truro, and Ptown. We will continue to monitor during decommissioning and fuel transfer.”

Here is a taste of recent media coverage on Pilgrim’s shut down:

Closing Pilgrim: A 2019 series of stories on the closing of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth. (WBUR Radio) 

Radioactive waste big concern for now-closed Pilgrim nuclear (Cape Cod Times)

Pilgrim nears end as nuclear declines (Boston Globe)

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Power Struggle film showings in June

POWER STRUGGLE Film Screenings
Thursday / Friday, June 6 and 7 at 7pm
Northampton Center For The Arts
Saturday, June 15 at 7pm
118 Elliot Gallery
Tickets: $12 advance online / $15 at the door / No one will be turned away for lack of funds.   
A feature-length documentary chronicling a successful grassroots citizens’ effort to shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor in Vermont, directed by long-time Pioneer Valley filmmaker Robbie Leppzer.  A timely, inspiring story of democracy in action; about whether citizens’ voices will be heard against big moneyed interests, and what people are doing locally right now to make a difference for a sustainable energy future. Original Music by John Sheldon.
This is a benefit fundraiser to launch a national grassroots film campaign. For more information and to watch a film trailer, visit: www.PowerStruggleMovie.com
Filmmaker Robbie Leppzer will speak and moderate post-screening discussion panels with film participants. 
Thursday, June 6 Post-Screening Panel (Northampton):  Features local activists talking about the current status and future of the Vermont Yankee decommissioning process, as well as the long-term public health hazards from high-level radioactive waste that will be stored indefinitely on the banks of the Connecticut River at the Vermont Yankee site. Panelists include: Deb Katz and Harvey Schaktman of the Citizen’s Awareness Network, and Clay Turnbull of the New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution.


Friday, June 7 Post-Screening Panel (Northampton): Features Frances Crowe and members of her Shut It Down Affinity Group (all women over 70), including Marcia Gagliardi and Hattie Nestel, who will talk about their participation in the movement to shut down Vermont Yankee and reflect on their affinity group experiences for lessons learned that could apply to other grassroots political struggles.


Saturday, June 15 Post-Screening Panel (Brattleboro): Features local residents and civic stakeholders talking about the current status and future of the Vermont Yankee decommissioning process, as well as the long-term public health hazards from high-level radioactive waste that will be stored indefinitely on the banks of the Connecticut River at the Vermont Yankee site. Panelists include: Chris Williams of the Citizen’s Awareness Network and board chair of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Clay Turnbull of the New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, and Derrik Jordan, member of the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel.
“A genuine David vs. Goliath battle. A rich story of whether grassroots democracy, in the form of citizens and local government, can triumph over entrenched, powerful interests like the nuclear energy industry. Through a story with many twists and turns, Leppzer keeps the film’s focus on the individuals caught up in the drama.”
POWER STRUGGLE is the remarkable story about how people power overcame corporate power and government cover-ups to finally shut down an aging and dangerous nuclear plant. We see how small town citizens were transformed into tenacious environmental activists who triumphed against the odds. POWER STRUGGLE is a hopeful story that reminds us that citizen activism is not just possible, it is essential to saving our endangered planet.”
— David Goodman, best-selling author, journalist and radio host, THE VERMONT CONVERSATION
Invite Friends – NORTHAMPTON: www.facebook.com/events/735944480133418/
Invite Friends – BRATTLEBORO: www.facebook.com/events/434031377160032/
Can’t attend? Order a DVD, Blu-ray or Digital download or streaming of POWER STRUGGLE at: www.PowerStruggleMovie.com
Help us to raise funds for our national grassroots film campaign to bring POWER STRUGGLE to schools, libraries and community groups across America. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution:


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Mother’s Day & NDCAP

All are invited to celebrate Mothers Day this coming Sunday May 12th. The Liberty Union is hosting a gathering & program on the Brattleboro Common from 1:00-4:00pm, “honoring the work of millions of mothers who work for peace in homes, on the streets, on the job, in government.”
NDCAP: The next meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel is scheduled for Monday, May 20 at the Vernon Elementary School from 6-9pm. Keep an eye on their website for the agenda: https://publicservice.vermont.gov/electric/ndcap 
Safe & Green’s website posts the most recent relevant news on our decomissioning-resources page.
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F-35 Silent Vigil & Meditation

Citizens Silent Vigil and Meditative Protest Against F-35A in Vermont

A group of concerned Windham Country area citizens will conduct a Silent Vigil & Meditation on the Whetstone Path at the Brattleboro Food Co-op on Thursday May 9, between 4:00-5:00 PM to protest the basing of the F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter Bomber at Burlington’s International Airport next year.

This local action is in solidarity with a state action on 9 May in Montpelier that will include a 24 Hour Meditation Protest for Peace, culminating with a one-hour meditation for all to join from 2-3:00 pm on the Statehouse lawn. [Details below]

Participants who join us are encouraged to either stand silently, holding signs, or to join those who will be meditating. Please bring your own chair or cushion

The  F-35A, a stealth bomber, is designed to carry a nuclear payload, thus making it an offensive, not a defensive weapon. This exposes Burlington, and the entire state of Vermont, to being a first-strike target.

The stationing of the F-35s with nuclear capability in Burlington means, that the City becomes a s first strike or a retaliatory target by foreign powers to take out the nuclear weapons and the F-35s to prevent a counterstrike.

Immediate consequences of an accident involving a nuclear weapon will be catastrophic beyond human imagination. Any accident of the F-35, even without nuclear weapons on board, will devastate the greater Burlington area due to the toxicity of the materials with which the plane is constructed; producing fire not extinguishable by conventional means.

For further information, contact Tim Stevenson, bereal@vermontel.net or 802.869.2141
Statehouse: Meditation Protest for Peace schedule:
Wednesday, May 8 at 3:00 pm.  (Set up will commence up to one hour prior)  Two individuals will begin 24 hour sit at 3:00 pm.  (If you would like to sit for the full 24 hours please let us know).  
Wednesday afternoon-overnight-Thursday morning:  Silent meditation.  Please join as your schedule allows.
Thursday, May 9 at 1:40 pm.  Begin gathering in preparation to join the Sit at 2:00 pm.  The last hour of the Sit will run from 2-3:00 pm.  
     ***This is the time that we want most people to attend so if this time is open in your schedule, please join us***
Thursday, May 9 at 3:00 pm.  Press conference.  Please plan to stay present for the press conference to show your visible support for banning the basing of nuclear weapons in our State.  
 The stand we take has the power to reverberate and inspire activism all over the country; Vermont has led the way before, and Vermont can lead the way again.  

Contact Jennifer Decker galloway.jennifer@gmail.com

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Call The VT Statehouse: No nuclear weapons in Vermont

F-35 jets can be made capable of carrying nuclear bombs, and basing them in Burlington makes us a target in the event of war. We don’t want any part of it.  The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons starts in Vermont.

NUCLEAR BOMBER FREE VERMONT — Call Your representatives, today!

Leave a message at 802.828.2228 and ask your state senators to co-sponsor the Pollina/Clarkson Resolution to keep Vermont nuclear weapon and nuclear weapon system free. Please leave messages at 802.828.2228 THIS MORNING for Senators Pearson, Ashe, Lyons, and Sirotkin: “PLEASE keep Vermont nuclear weapon platform free and sponsor the Pollina/Clarkson Amendment.”

Rep. Cina and Rep. McCullough are introducing H.R. 7, their Nuclear Bomber Free Vermont resolution to the House this week. Call the State House at 828-2228 and urge them to support H.R. 7, the Nuclear Bomber Free Vermont resolution. If you prefer to email, you can look up your Representatives contact here.  

LEARN MORE at our event this coming Monday, April 22 at 6pm, Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main Street, Brattleboro. 4.22 Event: Nuclear Bombers in VT?


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