Finally! Water Permit

VT’s Agency of Natural Resources is taking PUBLIC COMMENT on Entergy’s  Clean Water Act permit. Here is ANR’s press release with links to the draft permit & fact sheet. The public comment period on the permit has begun and has been extended through August 27th. There will be a public hearing, AUGUST 20th at 6:00PM at Vernon Elementary School, Vermont VT. Email comments to:

Seven years ago, Yankee’s permit to discharge water it uses to cool the reactor into the Connecticut River expired. There was little to no action until Entergy announced the closure of Yankee. Then, in April, ANR pushed for closed cycle cooling onlyBut Entergy and the state were in negotiations on closing and decommissioning. Thinly veiled threats by Entergy that cooling towers were a deal breaker were obviously effective. In the draft permit, ANR agrees with the Connecticut River Watershed Council that Entergy used bad modeling in its permit application, but ANR is letting the modeling stand with one change: it sets temperature caps determined by actual water sampling.  Any impact of the cap is likely to be pointless by the time the permit is in place in the fall, and the permit term will be brief, with Yankee closing in December.

Bob Audette of the Brattleboro Reformer covered the permit news, cross-posted on VtDigger. Richie Davis covers it in The Recorder here. You can read comments on the permit here in a piece by Sue Prent of Green Mtn. Daily.

Safe & Green, with the SAGE Alliance, organized two Flotillas on the Connecticut River to draw attention to Yankee heating up the river, killing fish and other life in it. Go here for background info from 2012 and a summary of our actions.

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