Safe & Green speaking to NRC today

We were one of a dozen advocates to speak before the NRC Sept 30 in support of a petition to close all 23 Fukushima-style reactors in the US. If you tried to listen, NRC’s “Listen In” number was faulty and all callers were eventually dropped. Here is one experience: “I called in and was told I was caller 14; I listened for about 5 minutes then only weird static-y noises. I hung up and called in again as caller 8. Silence. I asked ‘is anyone on the line?’ and found a few other citizen activists waiting. I hung up with a reinforced belief that the NRC is incompetent and dealing w the NRC is a waste of time. This is not to say that those of you who can tolerate their games should stop!”

Back to the Petition Review Board: These General Electric Mark I and Mark II boiling water reactors must have their licenses immediately revoked due to the lessons learned from Fukushima. Please email for a copy of our statement.

Beyond Nuclear filed the Petition on March 21, 2013. Safe and Green also spoke  before the first petition review board meeting held on May 2, 2013. At the Sept. 30 meeting, Beyond Nuclear is preparing to release new information on the unreliable GE Mark I and Mark II containment and that NRC’s current unreasonable and inadequate action plans that place our communities at undue risk during reactor operations. Likewise, the PRB provides a new opportunity for our reactor communities to raise new and additional information about our 40+ year old GE Mark I and Mark II reactors.

Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear – Generic Mark I and Mark II General Design Criteria for unreliable containment and the disparity of regulatory action
Tim Judson, CAN & NIRS  – Financial qualification of BWR operation and the economic impacts of Fukushima
Fitzpatrick, Nine Mile Point 1 – Jessica Azulay, AGREE (NY)
Cooper, Quad Cities, Duane Arnold – Wally Taylor, Sierra Club Iowa
Limerick – Lewis Cuthbert, ACE (PA)
Columbia – Chuck Johnson, (WA/OR) PSR
Browns Ferry – Greta Johnson, BEST (AL)
 Dresden, Quad Cities,LaSalle – David Kraft, NEIS (IL)
 Pilgrim – Mary Lampert, Pilgrim Watch (MA)
Vermont Yankee – Leslie Sullivan Sachs, Safe and Green Campaign and SAGE (VT)
Oyster Creek – Jeff Brown, GRAMMES (NJ)
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