Vermont Appeals Ruling in Lawsuit!

On Saturday morning, Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell announced that he will file an appeal in the Entergy v. Vermont lawsuit. The opinion that Federal Court Judge Gavin Murtha handed down on January 19th could have been written by the legal council for the Louisiana-based Entergy corporation. We join Governor Shumlin and Senator Bernie Sanders in our enthusiastic support of AG Sorrell’s decision to appeal this extremely flawed decision.

Sorrell emphasized that the ruling in this case not only impacts Vermont, but could also have national ramifications for other state legislatures and citizens. “There would be some disincentive to have people speak their mind because of worries that a statute could be struck down,” Sorrell said. “There is a long history in this country, in this state of constitutional protection of the freedom of legislative debate.”

The case will be heard before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.

While we are delighted that AG Sorrell has chosen to file an appeal, the legal process could take years. We, the citizens of Vermont and this region, are not going to sit idly by while Entergy continues to operate this old problem-ridden reactor against the will of both the Vermont legislature and the people. We are re-energized with the knowledge that the state will continue to fight this rouge corporation, and we are gearing up for nonviolent action to help insure Vermont Yankee is shut down!

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