Vigil March 11: 10 Years Since Fukushima Disaster Began

March 11 marks ten years since Japan was hit by an earthquake and tsunami, destroying 85,000 homes and businesses. By 2021 the country could have rebuilt but for a disaster that continues today: the meltdown of three nuclear reactors in Fukushima, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The reactors were Mark 1 boiling water reactors, the same type and age as Vermont Yankee. On Wednesday March 11, 2021 a vigil will be held at Pliny Park in Brattleboro from 4:30pm-5:30pm.

We will honor the 130,000 nuclear refugees, and the land, air and water contaminated by radiation which to this day cannot be cleaned up. Please join us.

This will be a Covid safe event; wear a mask, stay socially distant, and bring a poster if you wish. Sponsored by the Safe and Green Campaign.

For information on the current status of Fukushima, read our Voices essay in the Commons: The Catastrophe is Far From Over   and Refugees Escaping the Wind . An essay on how residents are surviving today is in the March 10th issue.

Past Fukushima actions: Solidarity with Fukushima, Japan

Current Fukushima News (selected)

Greenpeace Report on Fukushima 2011-2021 ‘The decontamination myth and a decade of human rights violations.’ posts translated official documents and news articles as they become public.

10 Years After Fukushima, Safety is Still Nuclear Power’s Greatest Challenge (The Conversation 03.05.2021) Two scholars reviewed reports since 2011, and conclude “Fukushima was a man-made accident, triggered by natural hazards, that could and should have been avoided. Experts widely agreed that the root causes were lax regulatory oversight in Japan and an ineffective safety culture at the utility that operated the plant. These problems are far from unique to Japan.”

Radiation criteria sows confusion for refugees (Japan Times 02.26.2021)

Poll: 74% in Fukushima say nuclear disaster work not promising (Asahi Shinbum, 02.24.2021)

10 Years On, 3/11 Linked Suicides Continue (Japan times, 02.24.2021)

New highly radioactive mineral particles found in Fukushima (Forbes, 02.22.2021)

New found radiation at 2 units delays work  (Mainichi Daily, 01.27.2012)

Overview of fishing by an industry newsletter (Seafood Source 02.2021)

Radiation levels far worse than thought (Asahi Shimbun 12.30.2020)

Reconstruction Agency will pay people and businesses to move back  (Asahi Shimbun 12.18.2020)


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