Fukushima 6

In mid-March six years ago, the NRC told Vermont by phone that it would approve a 40 year license extension for Vermont Yankee, a General Electric boiling water reactor built in 1972. On March 11, the world began to see what could happen when 1970s General Electric boiling water reactors lose power, explode, melt down.

Please join Safe & Green on March 11 so our corner of the world does not forget this on-going tragedy. We will gather in vigil at Noon, Pliny Park (corner of Main & High Streets). Stand in solidarity with the evacuees of a region once as beautiful, beloved and productive as our own.

Please help us spread the word on the March 11 vigil. You can download and print this Fukusima 2017 poster to distribute, and share our Facebook event.  Our 2017 Fukushima update is here: 2017 Fukushima Year in Review

Letter by Ann Darling, published in the Hampshire Gazette.

Letter by Nancy Braus, published in the Brattleboro Reformer

Fukushima On My Mind, an essay by Mina Hamilton, composed after reading Safe & Green’s info on this page, published in Women and Life on Earth

Clean Technica recently posted an update on what is happening happening at the reactors: cleantechnica.com/2017/02/15/fukushima-nuclear

The latest we have seen on the evacuation is that those living in Iitate (the same distance from the Japan reactors as Putney is from Yankee) have been ordered to return home, or lose their evacuee subsidies. Greenpeace has done a report based on their readings in Iitate, which contradict the government’s findings. A recent video on Iitate is here. A synopsis and reactions from evacuees is here.

Fukushima is Still Melting Down: Thom Hartman’s interview with Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear (video).

The 2020 Olympics, which will be held in Tokoyo, add to the government and corporate pressure to hide the reality of what is happening at Fukushima.

This will be our sixth year of vigils and actions in solidarity with the people and environment at Fukushima. You can read about our past Actions here.


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