PSR: 10,000 new cancers from Fukushima

Yesterday, Physicians for Social Responsibility released its research on the health impacts of Fukushima.  PSR estimates 10,000 excess cancers due to Fukushima.  Access the report or read highlights here.

Howard Schaeffer, long-time cheerleader for VT Yankee and the nuclear industry, told NDCAP at its February meeting meeting that no cancer hss resulted from the March 2011 triple meltdowns at Fukushima. We sincerely hope the citizen panel did not believe him. In its press conference releasing the PSR report, Dr. Alex Rosen, pediatrician and vice-chair, International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, said:

 “One is of course reminded of the tobacco lobby disputing the notion that the horrific effects of its products have no adverse health impacts. This self-serving falsehood echoed for decades was made possible simply because the long-term health effects of smoking were not immediately observable. The 10,000 to 66,000 people who will develop cancer solely as a result of the “manmade disaster” are neither ‘negligible’ nor ‘insufficient,’ as Japanese authorities, the nation’s nuclear lobby, and various industry-dominated international bodies, would have you believe.”

Please stand up and speak truth to power. Join Safe & Green tomorrow, Saturday March 12th from 10am-Noon to remember Fukushima. Pliny Park, corner of High Street & Main Street, Brattleboro. More event info is here.



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