High-Level Nuclear Waste Tour 10/1-10/6

CAN Goes On the Road Again! [from http://www.nukebusters.org/]

When: Tuesday, October 1 – Sunday, October 6, 2019.
Where: New England.
What: CAN is organizing a third High-Level Nuclear Waste (HLNW) Tour in New England with Cape Downwinders, Boston Downwinders, and Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance. New England is ground zero for the industry’s attempt to make its nuclear waste problem disappear by foisting it on targeted vulnerable communities in the southwest. The Waste Tour addresses the abdication by the federal government and the nuclear industry to deal with HLNW stranded at nuclear sites throughout the country. We will bring speakers to discuss the issues of nuclear waste, Federal policy, and environmental justice.

The Tour will run from October 1 – 6, 2019 and will travel through four states: Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

Tuesday, October 1: Press Conference & CCTV in Burlington, VT; 6pm event Christ Episcopal Church in Montpelier, VT (TBD).
Wednesday, October 2: AM in White River Junction (TBD) and Brattleboro, VT; 7-10pm event at Hawks & Reed in Greenfield, MA with The Wildcat O’Halloran Band & Friends.
Thursday, October 3: Concord and Seabrook, NH (TBD).
Friday, October 4: Boston State House, MA.
Saturday, October 5: 11am-1pm event at the Public Library in Plymouth, MA; 3-6pm event at the Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham, MA with music on the lawn.
Sunday, October 6: Connecticut (TBD); 6:30-10pm event at the VFW in Florence, MA with The Wildcat O’Halloran Band.

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