The End in Sight

In 48 hours, Vermont Yankee will no longer be smashing atoms. Entergy confirmed that it will shut down between 8am and Noon on December 29th (lots of news links below). Still crossing our fingers (who can trust their word?) but folks … it is looking good!

We will be Counting Down to Shut Down with VYDA in Montpelier tonight (12.27.14) at their pot luck party in Barre. Then on Saturday January 3rd, we will ring in a Nuclear Free New Year with you all at Vermont Yankee Un-Plugged in Greenfield. Two fabulous bands, fantastic slide shows, side room for activists tabling & talking, skits & songs, desserts and drinks. $5-20 donations welcome at the door. Many thanks to Lionel Delevingne, who has donated copies of his new book to help raise $ for the party. Volunteer: .

Entergy hosted the press Monday at their training center. The Brattleboro Reformer article reports on the chronology from shut down to Safstor, which begins January 19 when the reactor fuel is done moving into the pool, and the next round of employees is laid off or move to other reactors. The Commons has a story which quotes Entergy spokesman Marty Cohn: “VY is looking to become a model for decommissioning. ‘We’re literally writing the book.’” (He later says they’ll end evac planning early because that’s what all the other reactors have done. Guess that’s just a new edition of the same old book, Marty). The Times Argus touches on the emergency planning issue. WCAX-TV gives a video tour (looking like a techno step back in time). A New York Times OpEd on the shaky financial future of nuclear power led with Vermont Yankee closing. Greenpeace celebrates “one less General Electric Mark I reactor, the same design as those that melted down and exploded in Fukushima, threatening New England.

The NRC’s public hearing on decommissioning is January 28 (just five weeks away). So while we have lots to celebrate, there is still lots of work to be done. You can read our bullet point notes from the NDCAP meeting here from 12.18.14. The Times Argus article on NDCAP focused on money, and The Reformer noted that Entergy’s PSDAR decommissioning report wasn’t much different from its 2012 report. One highlight: The state of Vermont will actively oppose cutting off evacuation planning before all the fuel is moved out of the fuel pool. The Town of Brattleboro opposed in its comments on the PSDAR, and Gill and Greenfield are organizing to oppose it, with letters from their town officials. Do you live in the evacuation zone? We have Gill’s letter in the link above, if you want to use it as a model for your town.

Daniel Sicken re-wrote this “We Three Kings” for our Countdown to Closure caroling. As we sang it December 23, 2011, we hoped his last line would be true. At last, it is.

We who come from distant and near

Witness the threat to what we hold dear

With courage flowering and actions empowering

We will persevere!

Ohohh … nuke of cancer, nuke of blight,

Nuke that gives our children fright.

Structures creaking, always leaking

Now we see your end in sight!


Leslie Sullivan Sachs

For the Safe and Green Campaign






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