Wrapping Up November

Heads Up! VT State Nuclear Advisory Panel (VSNAP) is holding a meeting from 6-9pm on Thursday, November 29 in the MultiPurpose Room at Brattleboro Union High School. On the agenda: permits for thermal pollution — 5 1/2 years delayed in the Agency of Natural Resources. The state geologist will also be on hand. 55 minutes at the end of the meeting have been reserved for public comment.  SUNDAY DECEMBER 2nd marks the birth of the atomic age in 1942 and the 35th birthday of the first civilian nuclear power reactor. REFUSE THE BIRTHDAY GIFT OF NUCLEAR WASTE! 10:00 AM VIGIL at the gate of VT Yankee in Vernon, the Sunflower Brigade affinity group invites you to a vigil to mark the occasion of the birth of nuclear power. Dress in black. 11:00 AM SAGE Spokes Council. On the agenda: what’s next for the SAGE Alliance? 139 Main Street, conference room, Brattleboro. 3:00 PM:  Open House at New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, 139 Main Street, above conference room.

UPDATE on Entergy’s application before the Public Service Board: according to the New England Coalition (NEC), on the day before Thanksgiving, Entergy filed to have all issues relating to thermal pollution excluded.  They also filed to exclude the testimony of NEC’s expert witness Ray Shadis and a host of issues raised by Conservation Law Foundation and VT Dept of Public Service. Those parties have until December 21 to respond.

Success! Thanks to many of you, the Public Service Board hearings statewide were packed on November 19th. Just like on November 7th, the PSB did not make the time to listen to all the people who signed up to speak.  The hearing rooms in Springfield, Montpelier, White River, and Brattleboro were packed to overflowing, and there were people at all 13 sites saying, in their own carefully chosen words, “NO CPG.”  Prof. Steve Chase of Antioch counted 68 saying shut Yankee down, and 25 said keep it going. At least ten people who signed up to speak never got the chance. The public can still write comments, and some writers say they are demanding another public hearing, as everyone has the right to be heard. The Rutland Herald covered the hearings here: http://www.vermonttoday.com/ 

Courtesy of VYDA, we have artsy, bright yellow post cards saying NO CPG! addressed to the PSB, with or without text. Let state regulators know Entergy’s VT Yankee has not earned a Certificate of Public Good. Email safeandgreen@gmail.com if you’d like us to mail you some postcards to distribute.

A big shout out to Harvey Schaktman of CAN for filming our VY & the PSB Dinner Forum on Nov. 5th, and getting the tape up on 17 community access television stations. The Forum helped prep people statewide for the 19th. Thanks to all who came with ideas, questions and actions. (Fabulous dinner, too!)

Local papers are still publishing two “YES VY!” for every argument we write.  Feel free to pass them on to Safe & Green to post on our website letters. Thanks to all who have been writing letters to the editor of late, including Betsy Williams, Dan DeWalt, Steve Chase and Nikki Sauber about the PSB hearings. Andy Larkin wrote recently on Hurricane Sandy & nukes: http://mobile.gazettenet.com/opinion/2691082-108/nuclear-plants-fuel-grid

Thanks for all you do to say YES to clean, safe and reliable energy!


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