“…fish can’t do math, but they know when they are in hot water,”

A study released yesterday by the Connecticut River Watershed Council (CRWC) shows why “Entergy’s discharges exceeded its permit standards more than 70 percent of the time.”  WCAX TV covers the story here or read about it in Brattleboro Reformer or Rutland Herald 08.30.12 editions.

The new report is on the CRWC’s website.

Safe & Green Campaign joins the watershed council in calling for Entergy to use its cooling towers in a closed loop cycle to protect the health of the river and all that live in its ecosystem. Join David Deen, River Steward for the CRWC, author Christian Parenti and CAN’s Deb Katz on the river September 8th for the SAGE flotilla.  Read all about the action here.

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