‘Bright Future’ of Nukes

The Greenfield Recorder published an article on page 1 of its January 7, 2020 edition headlined: Author Shares Thoughts on ‘Bright Future’ of Nuclear Power.  [Link to article is here]

It includes cynical, jaw dropping statements like this:

Environmental groups, since the ‘70s, have had a troubled relationship with nuclear power. Many supported the “return to the land” ethos of that era; and they found that opposing nuclear power was a good way to court donations and membership, he said.

We are grateful to Ann Darling and Suzanne Carlson, who responded with both facts and ethics. 

We turn away from greed, violence and exploitation, pressure the industries and government to clean up the mess, and begin to build communities of caring, nurturing, sharing, harmony and joy.

This is the real solution to climate change and social change with equity.

You can read the article and responses by clicking the links below.

J Goldstein Article Jan 7 2020 P1  & J Goldstein Article P 2

A Darling Jan. 2020

S Carlson Jan 2020

P.S. It gave me pleasure to see that today’s cover of the Recorder is an interview with environmental activist Emily Koester. In the cover photo she is surrounded by No Nukes banners. Her profile article is linked here.

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