Clearwater 2013

Clearwater booth 2013Pete Seegar’s Great Hudson Clearwater Revival festival was home to Safe and Green Campaign on June 15 & 16.  We shared our booth with Beyond Nuclear and two other VT groups, and joined activists from Entergy’s Indian Point and Fitzpatrick reactors on “Activist Alley.” We spoke with thousands of folks, invited the river-lovers to join us for the SAGE Flotilla August 10th, danced in a Flash Mob against nuclear power, and heard a little music.

Reuniting with Chikako Nishiyama on Saturday was a highpoint. Clockwise from bottom right: Debra Stoleroff of VT Yankee Decommissioning Alliance, Cindy Folkers of Beyond Nuclear, Indian Point activists, Gary Sachs of the New England Coalition, and Chikako.


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