9/19 Env. Justice & Nuclear Waste Tour in Brattleboro

Environmental Justice and Nuclear Waste:
The Road from New England to Texas

When: September 18 – 22, 2018.
Where: Burlington, Montpelier, Brattleboro, Greenfield, and Boston (exact schedule to follow). Brattleboro: Wednesday, September 19th 6pm at the Centre Congregational Church (Parlor Room), 193 Main Street, Brattleboro. Co-sponsored by Safe & Green Campaign. 
CAN is organizing a high level nuclear waste (HLNW) tour in New England  this fall to address the abdication by the federal government and the nuclear industry to deal with HLNW stranded at nuclear sites throughout  our region and the country. We are rehabbing our mock high level nuclear waste cask and taking it on the road to show people what a 1,000 shipments through New England could look like.

CAN’s tour will bring speakers from across the country and Europe to discuss the issues of nuclear waste, present federal policy, environmental justice and direct action.

Speakers will include

Kerstin Rudek
Kerstin Rudek was born in the wild years of ’68. She is originally from the region of the Free Republic of Wendland, the place where the German government in 1977 declared to build a nuclear disposal center. The strong history of protest and resistance have influenced her whole life, and Kerstin is active in the anti-nuclear movement since 1984. In younger days, she was more action-oriented, for example occupying the final deposit site of Gorleben and the loading crane for Castor nuclear waste transports in Dannenberg. Later, Kerstin continued to organize the protests against Castor transports, being head of the Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg (BI, or Citizens’ Environmental Initiative of Lüchow-Dannenberg) from 2007 to 2012. More than 50,000 people joined the Castor protests on top of the German dispute about nuclear energy in 2010, more than live in the sparsely populated area (equivalent to five-and-a-half million people joining a protest in Washington, D.C.)
Now Kerstin is leading the ministry of foreign affairs of the BI and is organizing internationally in the Don’t Nuke the Climate campaign. DNTC works to prevent the world from more Fukushimas and Tschernobyls and insists on no climate money for nuclear power, as it is too dangerous, too dirty, too expensive, too slow, and violates human rights and the principles of climate justice.
Kerstin has raised 6 adorable children, and loves to swim and bike and spend time with family and friends in nature.
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