Public Comments & the NorthStar Settlement

Stephanie Hoffman, an attorney with the VT Dept. of Public Service, made a presentation on March 22 at NDCAP on how the department contributed to the settlement agreement among NorthStar, Entergy, the State and other parties to the sale. Her power point outlines is useful and informative, especially pages 9 and 10 which are charts about all those financial details outlined in the agreement.

You can access the presentation here. 03.22.2018 – NDCAP PSD MOU Presentation

At the same meeting, Ann Darling of the Safe and Green Campaign commented on Section 8 of the MOU, addressing her remarks to Scott State, CEO of NorthStar and Waste Control Services. You can read her remarks here: Ann Darling Open letter to Scott State, NorthStar & WCS CEO, March 2018

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