Citizens: Q&A on VY Future

The Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel is meeting this coming Thursday, March 22 at 6pm at Brattleboro Union High School’s Multi Purpose Room. There will be presentations on the new Agreement to sell Yankee to NorthStar Group Services, and a presentation by Waste Control Services on a plan for all the radioactive waste that isn’t hot enough to sit in a cask. There is time on the Agenda for Q&A from the public. Here’s the link to the full agenda on the NDCAP home page. You can read more about the agreement on our post last week. Our webmistress, Leslie Sullivan Sachs, wrote an essay looking at 10 years of broken agreements, published here by the Commons of Windham County and VtDigger. 

There a new citizen rep on the panel, Lissa Weinmann from Windham Country. Lissa has been active and writing on Vermont Yankee issues for years.  Lissa is a Senior Fellow of the World Policy Institute, where her areas of expertise incluce the Socio-economic implications of national energy strategies and US nuclear power and nuclear waste management. She and her husband own 118 Elliot Street, the venue in Brattleboro. She replaces the representative from Norwich.


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