Back Room Deal Close

Since we last posted, all hearings and meetings on the sale of Vermont Yankee have been delayed due to the behind-closed-doors negotiations between the state of Vermont, Entergy and NorthStar. A public hearing scheduled by the Public Utility Commission for early February was postponed. The latest: the NDCAP meeting scheduled for February 22 has been cancelled.  We have links to all the latest articles posted here on our website. 
An article posted in Vt Digger reports that a deal coming out of private negotiations between the state, NorthStar and Entergy will be filed March 2nd. Read the post here. The deal would ask that the PUC make a decision on the sale by June 30.  According to the VtDigger post, this time around, the New England Coalition and Conservation Law Foundation have been asked to sign onto the deal but as of now are not on board. 

One question on our minds is: will the public have any input on the settlement at the public hearing, or will the settlement that comes out of these negotiations be final? 

You may recall that negotiations took place prior to the closure of Vermont Yankee. Even though there were 9 parties before the utility commission, only the state and Entergy were in negotiations (here is one article about the start of those negotiations; oh, the optimism!). The resulting settlement agreement was announced two days before Christmas in 2013. It was a “take it or leave it” deal which required the Public Service Board to grant a Certificate of Public Good by March 31, 2014.  (Our reply post from 12.23.13 is here).

We sure hope this isn’t another “take it or leave it” deal. Stay tuned!

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