NDCAP Notes 03.23.17

My personal, rough notes from the 03.23. 17 meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel are posted here.  News articles on the meeting have been posted on the Decommissioning Resources page. — Leslie Sullivan Sachs

My highlights of the meeting:

  • The three State agencies and Attorney Generals office appear to be sincerely concerned about the ability of NorthStar to do the decommissioning right, on the budget it has set.
    • They doubt the $125 million set aside for over runs will be enough.
    • They are aware that other sites have had to pay double the original estimates, largely because of radioactive & non-radioactive but toxic / hazardous materials found once decommissioning began.
  • Last year the legislature passed a bill allowing state agencies to bill back for post-closure related expenses for PSB hearings and oversight.
    • Dept of Public Service and Agency of Natural Resources have hired outside experts to help vet financials for Public Service Board sale case  PSB Docket 8880 here
  • Dry cask storage was explained more fully but there are still concerns.
  • A settlement agreement was negotiated between the state and Entergy after the closure announcement, before the PSB granted a certificate of public good. The negotiated settlement became part of the CPG. Will that happen again? [ MOU/Settlement 3.28.14]
  • When asked about resources for independent experts to talk to NDCAP, Dept of Public Service Commissioner June Tierney said NDCAP and the public should trust state to do its job. We are not experts and she wants to hear our perspective as laypeople.

You can see the agenda for the meeting on the NDCAP page.


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