People Power Wave by March 18

Decommissioning is the nuclear power wave of the future. Stop letting this corrupt industry dominate its captive regulator who should be answerable to the public, not profiteers. Add your voice to change the decommissioning rules. Comment to the NRC by March 18 by going to this link.

Need more info before writing your comments? We sat in on a Webinar hosted by NIRS & CAN. They make 11 recommendations.  You can download the NIRS PDF Powerpoint with more info. Here is a summary:

  1. Require Full Decom Funding Upon Closure

Owners like Entergy exploit SAFSTOR to avoid compliance with regulations and defer cleanup for decades. The result: workers who know the reactor aren’t on the job; the environment is at risk of more contamination over time; economic planning deferred.

  1. Bar Exemptions for Decom Fund Expenses

NRC lets Entergy use Yankee decomm trust funds for nuclear waste management and storage, property taxes, and lobbying, among other things not in the rules.

  1. Restore NEPA Compliance

National Environmental Policy Act was required in the past, which makes decommissioning a Major Federal Action requiring EPA involvement and meaningful oversight.

  1. Restore Public Hearing Rights and Safeguards

Not just one public meeting! We deserve full hearing rights. We who live in the region impacted more than any other stakeholders.

  1. Require FULL Decommissioning Plans

The PSDAR is now rubber stamped by NRC. Require site-specific planning with detailed independent site surveys at the reactor to be decommissioning – not cookie-cutter plans.

  1. Restrict Use of SAFSTOR and DECON

Limit SAFSTOR and require SAFSTOR time period be justified with evidence. Decommissioning should begin at the earliest possible date determined by worker and community safety – NOT by corporate financial manipulation.

  1. Create 4th Decom Option: PDSR

Planned Decom & Site Remediation (PDSR) would limit duration of SAFSTOR to 20 years max, based on safety, not money; include state and community involvement, and retain 50% of current workforce.

  1. Establish Site-Specific Advisory Boards

Independent advisory boards with resources to hire technical consultants with access to information and the NRC.

  1. Permit State Oversight of Decom

States must have resources and authority to regulate pollution within their borders and decommissioning funds that impact taxes and host communities economic development.

  1. Require NRC Inspections and Oversight

The NRC inspectors have left VT Yankee. Who is enforcing even the weak NRC rules? Where is the accountability? Unannounced inspections plus liaison to Community Advisory Board should be mandatory.

  1. Increase License Fees for Decom Reactors

NRC must adapt to industry changes. Operators’ license fees should reflect projected decom costs.


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