Independent Monitoring Needed

Dr. Bill Irwin, Radiological & Toxicological Sciences Chief at the VT Dept. of Health (VDH), is fighting for Vermont’s ability to retain its independent monitoring of radiation at Vermont Yankee. He writes:

The citizens of Vermont have relied on the independent VDH laboratory analysis of split samples from the VY site and its surrounding public environment which have been published for more than forty years. This independence and ease of access to data is a cornerstone of Vermont’s public health system and it provides Vermonters greater confidence that their land, water, air and health are fully protected.

The above is his conclusion to a Draft Advisory Opinion, under consideration by the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen Advisory Panel. The State has more stringent air and water radiation regulations than the federal government’s, which Entergy find irksome. We agree with Irwin that the state needs to keep an eye on radiation during decommissioning, “what will be the largest industrial activity in Vermont’s history” .

Entergy doesn’t want to spend the money. They wrote their own Draft Advisory Opinion.

The full panel will meet on Thursday, February 25 at 6pm in the Multi-Purpose room of Brattleboro Union High School. This topic is on the agenda at 6:55 pm. You can read the Drafts and download the Agenda here on NDCAP’s new website:

Public comments on the drafts can be emailed:

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