Busy Week: PSB & NDCAP

The Public Service Board is holding technical hearings in Docket 8300 today and tomorrow. This is Entergy’s application for a Certificate of Public Good (CPG) for a new, second pad for the dry casks which will hold the high level radioactive waste from the fuel pool.

In the past, all VT Yankee cases were accessible via the Board’s website but the Board is not posting documents from this Docket for the public to read.  We have previously postecd on the issue here.

Since we have no idea how long the radioactive waste will sit there, it is important that this be done well. The Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP) is wrestling with the issue. The panel has been unable to come to consensus on an advisory opinion. It will be discussed Thursday night at their meeting. [6pm, Multi-Purpose Room, Brattleboro Union High School].

Schuyler Gould, a member of VYDA and now a New England Coalition trustee, has done a  Markup – NDCAP Draft Advisory Opinion on the issue here. His Cover Letter, Gould Markup Advisory Opinion is here. In the cover letter, he writes:

With all due respect to the efforts of the Panel on this particularly difficult issue, even the latest draft falls far short of standing up for the interests of the citizens it is commissioned to represent. The entire opinion is based, essentially, upon assertions by Entergy which have yet to be reviewed by the Public Service Board and judged to meet its regulatory obligations with the State of Vermont.

It is unclear to me, and others, why Entergy is even included on a citizens panel, it has been shown repeatedly to be at variance with citizens’ interests. That said, it should not be allowed to direct, certainly not to veto, the will of the majority of the panel.

The latest draft of the Opinion calls for “reliable assurances” from Entergy to “relevant regulatory bodies.” We all know a litany of assurances Entergy has given year after year after year—to the NRC, the Public Service Board, the Department of Public Service, the Department of Health, the Agency of Natural Resources, the Governor, the Legislature—not to mention the public, which have proven, quite simply, false.

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