The Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel will meet on Thursday, May 28 from 6-9pm in the Multi-Purpose Room, Brattleboro Union High School, Fairgrounds Road, Brattleboro. It is open to the public — please attend! The State of Vermont is representing our interests and share many of our goals. But the only way the state will continue to put the pressure on is if they think citizens care.

At the March meeting, citizen comment was very limited because speakers ran over their times. Let’s hope future meetings include a designated Time Keeper! The good news for May is that the agenda includes 45 minutes for public comment at the end of the meeting.

Agenda: download NDCAP Agenda 05.28.15   After updates from Entergy and the State on the current status of decommissioning, the main topic of discussion will be the Public Service Board’s Certificate of Public Good process for a new dry cask storage pad at the site. Entergy, VT Public Service Dept., and VT Agency of Natural Resources will give presentations. Chris Campney of Windham Regional Commission with present on “Stakeholder Interest in the CPG Process.”

Why is this important? This CPG is limited to approving the pad that dry casks will sit on — not the casks themselves or any other decommissioning topic. But it is important. The Public Service Board is the one place where Vermont has a chance to be heard.

Entergy has managed to insult, ignore and generally piss off the Public Service Board for a dozen years. We need to take advantage, wiggle our way into any cracks in the corporate armor, find loopholes, and keep the pressure on the State to do the same.

The decommissioning deck is stacked to favor the corporate owner, Entergy. The NRC has a hands-off attitude: it does not approve decommissioning plans. The NRC does not even have rules specific to decommissioning. There is no role in decommissioning for state or local input.


By the way, the technical term for a “pad” is Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation,” or ISFSI. Say that three times fast. Former NRC Chair Alison McFarland had advice for the new NRC Chair: get rid of the acronyms. She also warned that the NRC is not prepared for decommissioning. it was too busy ramping up for the nuclear renaissance that never came.



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